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Flush or Bust? 5 Considerations When Deciding to Hire a Pro or DIY Your Bathroom Remodel

Each day you rinse, shower, and flush in your bathroom means you’re a day closer to the inevitable—a bathroom remodeling.

On average, a small bathroom remodel can cost you between $12,000 and $21,000. Deciding to spend that kind of money can be tricky, especially if your budget is tight.

Considerations When Deciding to Hire a Pro or DIY Your Bathroom Remodel
Flush or Bust? 5 Considerations When Deciding to Hire a Pro or DIY Your Bathroom Remodel

You might be inclined to pick up the tools and do it yourself, or you might want to leave it to the professionals. How can you choose which way to go?

5 Considerations When Deciding to Hire a Pro or DIY Your Bathroom Remodel

To help you decide, here are 5 things you need to consider before remodeling your bathroom yourself or hiring somebody to do it for you.

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  1. A Professional Can Help You Get the Most from Your Space

The vision you have for your bathroom remodeling might be good, it might even be great—on paper. The realities are sometimes a little different.

Hiring a professional might cost more, but they can help you explore the space you have for your bathroom and make the most of it.

They’ll have ideas for storage, units, and fittings that you won’t have even thought of. Don’t hire on without any ideas yourself, however—build a scrapbook of ideas you’d like to consider, from colors to layout.

  1. Handling Utilities Can Be Dangerous

It’s never advisable, if you’re considering a DIY bathroom remodel, to start messing with your utilities like plumbing or electrics if you’re not trained.

It should be fairly obvious why, but not only is it dangerous to you and others, it’s also likely to cause damage to your bathroom.

This kind of damage would need to be repaired anyway, which would be costly and involve hiring professionals, saving you no money. Leave areas like this to trained, outsourced help.

  1. No Money? Think About Costs (And DIY)

Before you embark on a DIY bathroom renovation, you should be aware of your budget. Knowing how much you have to spend can help you decide whether to DIY some (or all) of the work or not.

Not every household has tens of thousands to spend on their remodeling. That’s why it’s important to list the jobs, research the costs for materials, and look at what you’re comfortable doing yourself to save on labor elsewhere.

Read our budget bathroom remodeling guide to find out how you can remodel your bathroom on a tighter budget.

  1. Take the Easy Jobs (Flooring, Tiling, Painting)

You can’t avoid your material costs, but you can save on labor if you feel comfortable DIY-ing some of the work yourself.

If you’re nervous, you can test out your skills in a smaller area. Painting, for instance, isn’t something critical—if it goes wrong, you can always paint over it.

Tiling and flooring are two other options if you want to know how to remodel a bathroom yourself. Take a look at YouTube videos and help guides online to explore the idea first before having an attempt.

  1. No Confidence in Your Finish? Outsource

It might not be easy for your pride or ego to say you can’t do a job well, especially with some of the fundamentals like painting walls. Consider it a strength, however—why settle for a bad finish?

Take yourself out of the equation if you’re not confident in your skills and look at hiring outside help to complete the work instead.

Specialist bathroom renovation companies like Brindabella Bathrooms can help you design and complete your renovation. You don’t have to have DIY a thing.

Don’t Start a Bathroom Remodel Without a Plan

Whether you go for the DIY route or you’re happy to outsource, you shouldn’t look to begin a bathroom remodel project without knowing the essentials.

That means having a plan. You should know your budget, what your objectives are, and know your own limitations. Take on DIY work where you can to save costs, but only if you’ve got the skills to make a good job of it.

Don’t let your remodel go badly. Make a success of your DIY bathroom renovation by taking a look at our other remodeling articles for inspiration.

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