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8 Ways to Make Your Condo Unit More Environment-Friendly

Condo living offers many benefits and the chance to fully enjoy modern living. Although the living space is much smaller than a regular bungalow, you will have less to clean and less maintenance to think about.

But what about the environment? Helping heal the planet should not stop while staying in a condominium!

Is Condo Living For You?

image - Is living in a condo unit okay
Is living in a condo unit okay?

Residing in a condo can be fun, especially for those who are living alone for the first time. You may have been contemplating on getting a condo or moving into one.

Looking for a new place to stay? Tretti Condos have just the thing for you.

What are the benefits of condos?

Advantages include cutting travel time by more than half as your work could be closer, great amenities such as swimming pools and a gym, and even a receiving lobby with a front desk to take care of your mail and packages!

But, as more and more condos rise at almost every district imaginable, the pollution in those particular environments increases. It does not help that condos are usually built in places with high density in terms of population and business districts.

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Making Your Condo Unit Eco-Friendly

The outside world can be filled with smog and other substances that are harmful to the health, so it is understandable that you would want your unit to be a peaceful sanctuary away from the dirt and grime. Or maybe, you want to be able to contribute to the Earth’s health.

Either way, here are 8 simple and genius ways to get your condo on the eco-friendly side!

Paint It Up, The Earth-Friendly Way

Technology continues to create amazing innovations that help the Earth heal. This applies to paints! When moving into a new condo or an old one, it is only natural for the owner to want to paint it a new color.

When you get to the hardware store, make sure to choose brands that are non-toxic to the environment. Environmentally safe paints are available in various hues that will surely satisfy your interior decoration needs.

Paints that are great for the environment are also safe for you to inhale. When sleeping in a smaller space, this comes in handy.

Some condominium management does not allow residents to paint or repaint unit walls. Circumvent this by slapping some coats on your furniture.

Green Flooring

Rugs spruce up any space. They can make your condo look bigger and tie up the color palettes chosen. But, many rugs add to the fabric disposal problem of the country.

When getting a new rug, choose a brand that utilizes renewable resources. A quick tip to see if your rugs are made of sustainable material is by checking if they are chemically treated. If they are, stay away since they will probably emit harmful gasses in your condo and negatively affect the ozone layer.

Be Creative by Repurposing

image - Repurpose old items
Repurpose old items

Purchasing various types of woodwork and metalwork from a furniture store adds to harmful fumes the Earth gets because of production processes. Not to mention that doing so adds to your bills, too. Furniture is definitely not cheap!

Do not fret, going green does not mean you have to shell out extra cash to purchase sustainable items. Find ways to reuse already owned items such as books and old wood to create side tables and shelving units!

You can even make your own furniture! Many websites contain do-it-yourself instructions for plushies, footrests, and the like. There are tons of DIY videos out there too that provide useful information. Learn to use old sheets and recyclable materials to furnish your condo.

Save money and help the environment. Can it get any better than this?

Thrift, Thrift, Thrift!

Previously purchased furniture pieces are not easily disposed of. Many are too large and just too bulky for your regular garbage collection day. So, another great way to save the planet while saving tons of cash is to go thrifting.

Your local thrift stores are usually great places to visit. These shops often sell pre-loved furniture that is in great shape.

There will be many fabulous vintage pieces that are still sturdy. If something is not up to par to your standards or you just want to update the design, go the DIY route!

Natural Is Better

Confused on what material your furniture should be made of? Lessen harmful emissions by gravitating towards pieces using natural materials, such as hardwood and cotton that is untreated.

Other great finds are pieces made of stone and seashells. You can even get pinecones, branches, and driftwood to decorate the place to your liking. The natural materials will elevate the look of a small space for sure.

Not only will these pieces of furniture be great for Mother Nature, but they will also bring a snazzy design to your condominium unit.

Plant Your Greens

image - Get low-light plants for easier maintenance
Get low-light plants for easier maintenance

Some condo units already have balconies, making it easier to have and maintain plants. But, there are others that do not have this luxury.

Did you know that you can still grow a garden in your unit? There are tons of plants that can thrive under low sunlight and are easy to maintain. Some plants you may want to look into are:

  • Palmera
  • Cacti
  • Bromeliads
  • Succulents
  • Spider plants

Purify the stale air in your unit using these plants. Take it a step further and add a small aquarium to your space. Having a water feature present in a condo can definitely make it feel more spacious and relaxing.

Incandescent Bulbs Are a Thing of The Past

These types of bulbs are harmful to the Earth and also to your electric bill. A brighter, more energy-efficient option is compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or light-emitting diodes (LED).

Both options emit a brighter light and cut down on power use. Visit the hardware less too because they last pretty long.


Create and design a better home while also lessening your carbon footprint. Living in a condo unit does have many advantages and we must continue to do our part in helping mother nature take a break from all the harm we are putting her through.

We only have one Earth and we should care for it as much as we can. It is not too late to do so!