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Outdoor Cleaning: How to Prepare the Space for Summer Season

Now that temperatures are becoming moderate, hibernating animals have started becoming active, and flowers are beginning to bloom. Spring is passing quickly and summer is almost here. It is time to prepare for the summer, and enjoy fresh air in the great outdoors in the warmth of the sun.

image - Outdoor Cleaning: How to Prepare the Space for Summer Season
Outdoor Cleaning: How to Prepare the Space for Summer Season

To make the most of the time you’ll spend outside, consider the following cleaning tips as you prepare your outdoor area for the summer season.

1. Clean Cookery Materials

Summer brings its own special recreation and dining with family, friends, and colleagues. So prepare your cooking materials.

Some of the most common materials to get ready for summer dining could include a grill, oven, and other essential cookware. Clean the cooking materials by starting with these 5 steps to cleaning an oven.

A grill should also be part of your patio. Get it ready for use by cleaning the grill grates. Try heating the grill and scrubbing it off with a wire brush.

Use vinegar and baking soda with an abrasive brush to clean any rust on it by scrubbing and then rinsing with water.

2. Clean the Sources of Heat

Minimize the occurrence of fire hazards by cleaning the areas surrounding gas cylinders. Clean electrical connections and ensure that they are working fine to minimize the occurrence of mishaps.

Check the gas supply and electrical heat connections, and ensure they are clean and working fine.

3. Spruce Up the Backyard

Remove all clutter from the backyard. Trim plants on pathway linings, and trim the grass into an appealing length.

Fix and improve the condition of the backyard if the pavers on the pathways are misplaced or damaged.

4. Get Your Patio in Good Condition

A patio is an ideal spot for recreational activities and dining during the summer while at home.

  • Clean the Cover or Roof:

Use a pressure washer to clean the roof or cover of the patio. If the roof is removable, you can take it down and clean it thoroughly, then mount it in its original place.

  • Work on the Surfaces:

If you have concrete surfaces, wipe off any dirt. The surfaces could include permanently mounted chairs or concrete tables. Use cleaning detergents to disinfect the surfaces and use water to clear off the mess.

  • Clean the Ground:

Cleaning the ground will depend on the type of material used for your patio. It could be concrete material, tiles, stone or bricklayers, gravel, wood layers, or pavers. Get rid of any clutter on the surface.

If you have concrete, tiled, or concrete paver ground you can use water and a brush to gently scrub off the waste matter.

A pressure washing machine will be the most effective for this type of work. If the surface is made of wood or stone layers, you can use a hard brush to clean up stains and fine matter from it.

5. Clean the Furniture

You should care for your outdoor furniture as much you do for your indoor wooden furniture. After a long winter followed by spring, your furniture needs to be cleaned up and disinfected.

If you had placed the furniture indoors, this is the right time to bring it back out to the summer spot. Wipe any dust off the furniture by using a cloth soaked in detergent.

In case you kept the furniture outdoor during the winter and spring, check it for stability. See if you need to do any repairs on the furniture, and place it in your outdoor location of choice.

You can use a pressure washer for iron and plastic furniture. For furniture with cushions, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris.

If the cushions have removable covers, it’s best to remove and wash them, vacuum the cushions, and then replace the covers.

Replace old furniture with new items. If you have used the current furniture for long and it has become worn out, you can replace it as needed.

6. Arrange the Space for Use

Make your backyard a paradise this summer. If you will be spending quite a lot of time outdoors for get-togethers with members of your community, arrange the space in an appealing manner. If the roof is movable, shift it to a suitable location before you set up and organize the area under it.

Arrange the tables and chairs in summer mode. You may prefer a circular, square, or rectangular arrangement with tables at the center. The positioning should be done according to the location of the fireplace, the grill, and the oven.

image - Prepare the Space for Summer Season


As you usher in summer, clean cookery materials and the sources of heat, remove clutter from the backyard and also clean your patio to prepare it for relaxation.

Dust off and arrange the furniture as well, and you’ll be all set to enjoy your outdoor space during the summer season.

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