Featured of Why Copper Cookware Should Be in Your Kitchen

Why Copper Cookware Should Be in Your Kitchen!

Copper is the king of cookware! Who doesn’t love perfectly and gently cooked meal? Well, copper cookware server’s that! They are beautiful, shiny and serve mouthwatering food in no time. Moreover, it’s the perfect heat conductor and is valued the most in cooking.

But do you know cooper utensils are more than just cooking a dish and flipping the omelet!

Why Copper Cookware Should Be in Your Kitchen!

Why Copper Cookware Should Be in Your Kitchen!

Why Copper Cookware Should Be in Your Kitchen!

As a metal, it gets warm easily and stays warm for longer duration making the heat to spread across the surface evenly. It conducts heat twenty times faster than stainless steel and approximately five times faster than iron utensils. Also, it offers uniform cooking on the base, making the food more delicious and tempting.

And the best part, cooper is easy to clean and offer no burn spots.

It’s a Helping Hand in the Kitchen!

Since copper is the best conductor of heat, it is most valued in the kitchen for cooking. It’s perfect for cooking sauces, with no burn.

Want to melt chocolates? Copper utensils are the best!

And, what about those delicious straws; they cook perfectly in them. These utensils also have antibacterial effects and give no harm to the health; the reason most water pipes are of copper.

They are visually appealing and look beautiful when placed in the kitchen. Moreover, they are safe as long as there’s a lining of a non-reactive material. You can line your copper utensils with tin, stainless, nickel and then can cook anything it.

Types of Copper Cookware

From daily cooking to preparing specialized meat poacher, there’s a whole range of copper cookware that you can look for your kitchen. You can also jog-on the internet or can look out on a store for your copper pan. Also, if you want detailed information about them, you can look at redcopperpan-reviews.com. However, some of the most common ones are:


This is the most common yet important cookware for basic cooking. Simply pick the right size as per the usage in your kitchen. It’s versatile and it ideal for cooking anything. Also, make sure to choose the thinner skillet as they will slowly and evenly cook your food making it delicious.

Skillet usually comes in both linings: tin and stainless steel. While tin is non-stick and important for the body, stainless steel take much time to cook and is not much non-stick as compared to the tin.

Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is perfect for cooking meals that usually need more time. They are ideal for veggies like potatoes and serve best for simmering savory. Be it frying, searing, browning, braising or even simmering, they are perfect for everything.  From oven to the stove, they offer even distribution of heat for delicious cooking. No matter what you are preparing, you can use them for anything!




Want something to help you prepare sauces without putting much effort? A copper pan can be your pick! Since they are perfect for even cooking, they cook sauce or rice with perfection.  You can even use them for melting chocolates and for cooking rice.

Stockpot Copper Pan

Looking for the all-in-one pan? Stock-pot is what you can consider! It fulfills all your boiling needs; be it boiling rice, potatoes or pasta. They are narrow in style, taller and have good capacity to hold anything. Not only they are perfect for cooking and steaming large meals; they will add a seamless and effortless addition to your cooking.

Saute Pan

For all those sautéing and searing veggies, chicken, and meat, a stainless steel pan is perfect. Not only you can use this pan for searing things and make it golden brown, but you can also use it for dripping things.

Cleaning and Caring Copper Utensils

Be gentle and nice to these utensils!  Copper is for cooking everything effortless and so as it’s cleaning. Since is get warm swiftly, you don’t need to use a high flame or preheat food before cooking. Just the moderate heat and the pan will serve you with delicious food.

Cleaning and Caring Copper Utensils

Cleaning and Caring Copper Utensils

But, do you know that cleaning a copper utensil a magical process?

Copper utensils are designed to cook on low flames; however, if they possess any strains or scars, they can be healed with kitchen cleaner and with little patience. Still, don’t know how to clean? Here are the tips you can follow:

Use Mild Soap

Don’t be harsh on your cookware, be gentle and smooth. Use a mild detergent and warm water and let it dry. Also, use a cloth or tissue to wipe away any water droplet. Failing which, the utensil may tarnish the color of the copper making it look dull.

DIY for Tarnishing Spots

If there’s any water spot on the cookware, use lemon to remove it. Half-cut the lemon or use the squeezed lemon and sprinkle some table salt on it. Now rub the surface gently. The salt will work as a mild abrasive making the surface clean and stain-proof. You can also use cornstarch. Sprinkle some directly on the vessel or make a paste with lemon juice. Rub on the surface with a soft cloth and later rinse with warm water.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is magical substance to clean almost anything. Simply mix baking soda with lemon juice and gently rub the surface. Now wipe the stained surface with a soft cloth or use warm water to make it clean.

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Use Vinegar

Just some little white vinegar and the stain will vanish. Dip a cloth in the vinegar and rub on the stained surface. Keep on repeating it until you finish every surface. For sure the surface will shine you will see a nice glare on the utensil.


The acidic nature of tomatoes does magic on copper. Simply cover the surface with the tomato ketchup and let it rest for few minutes. Later, wash it off or wipe the surface with a cloth.

Drinking Water in Copper Jugs Has a Plethora of Health Benefits

Water, if stored in copper jug has myriad of health benefits. They aids in reducing aging by increasing the production of collagen protein. Moreover, when copper get infused with water, it kills the virus and other harmful microorganism making it healthy for drinking.

For skin as well, copper is the best.  It’s a metal that can vanish away the vitiligo as it helps in producing melanin in the body.

While it has many benefits, an excess of drinking in copper can lead to gastrointestinal problems.

So, now that you know how copper utensils serve the best purposes in your kitchen invest in them and have a healthy living!

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