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Seed Your Flower Garden with Your Own Garden Decorative Art

Consider your garden an extension of the inside of your house outside. Do you love to turn junk into a wonderful piece of art? If so, then use these simple ideas with a splash of creativity to make your own garden decorations and treasures.

image - Seed Your Garden with Your Own Garden Decorations and Art
Seed Your Flower Garden with Your Own Garden Decorative Art

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Reap the Benefits

Decorating the garden has become quite a moneymaker for nearly every store from the local dollar store to the mega home improvement store; yet, the selections of these garden decorations tend to be very much the same from store to store.

Frogs, angels, gnomes, and wheelbarrows line the shelves each spring and summer season and are usually made outside of the USA.

Garden Decorations
Garden Decorations

Take your garden to a whole new level and personalize it with your own re-purposed decorations. You will enjoy the benefits of saving money, and doing your part to reuse, while your garden guests will be very impressed with your creativity and whimsical style.

No two gardens are alike, so just as with the plants you choose, so too will the decorations and placement be all you.

Garden Treasures

The first place to begin the search for garden treasures is in your own basement, garage, or attic. Old items that one may not normally think of using in a garden will find new life there.

The key is to search for durable items, or that you would not mind if they faced the weather elements and faded. Even faded garden art has a sense of beauty in its antiqueness.

Chances are, if you have items stowed away in storage or in the charity contribution box, you would not mind. Think, “can I use this in the garden,” as you are searching to decide on the decorations to be used outdoors.

image - Garden Art and Decorations
Garden Art and Decorations

image - Garden Art and Decorations 2
image - Garden Art and Decoration 3

image - Garden Decorations and Art

Other places to search for garden art are at thrift stores, consignment stores, garage sales or estate sales. These are great places to search for garden art because it is inexpensive and the items just plain fun to find.

Items that will work well outdoors as decorative art:

  • Old Christmas stars (see photos)
  • Old wall decorations (plastic, wood or ceramic are great finds); angels, Uncle Sam, butterflies, wreaths, kids are some ideas.
  • Whimsical baskets (be sure to line with plastic; see photos)
  • Old salt and pepper shakers (especially ducks or whimsical ones)
  • Old shovels or rakes (left in the rain they will rust; so they can be given a coat of Rust-Oleum)
  • Benches, barrels or old steel barrel rings, stools, or chairs; cut a large picnic bench in half and paint it in whimsical, bright colors for a bench (any of these can be given a coat of protective paint)
  • Kid’s toys (see photos)
  • Discarded fence (wonderful to hide and unsightly air-conditioner; see photos)
  • Seashells or driftwood (depending on your style)
  • Plant pots or milk jugs- any these look great with small plants like marigolds growing out of them and placed in the garden bed
  • Old gardening gloves

Making the Decorations Stand Out

Now that you have gathered some fun and whimsical art it is time to make them into garden decorations. The garden art you have collected will suit your personal style. Small items will look best when tucked into garden beds subtly.

Give larger items more space. For example, line up some potted plants on a garden bench. Hang some of your finds on fence, railing, shed or deck post. Just like decorating indoors, it will take some standing back for proper placement.

image - Rocking Chair Display
Rocking Chair Display

Happiness in Your Own Backyard

The most important consideration about making/repurposing your own garden decorations is for each chosen piece to be a reflection of your own personality and style of the home.

As a gardener, you have your own sense of how things should be placed and your art is the same. Decorating this way also works well by season. Switch out Spring or Summer decorations for a Fall theme.

image - Truck Planter
Truck Planter
image - Old Christmas stars
Old Christmas stars

Please share your ideas with us! I’d love to know what you think in the comment section below.

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