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Custom Garage: Five Awesome Ways to Decorate Your Garage This Coming Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and it means you have to start decorating and setting up your home for the festivities. This is a fun thing to do with your kids and the entire family. If you are participating in your neighborhood’s Halloween activities, then it is even necessary to join the fun by decorating.

You don’t have to decorate the entire house. Focusing on the garage will keep your decorating work isolated in one place.

Halloween Garage Decorations

Halloween Garage Decorations – Image source: daveynin (CC BY 2.0), via Flickr

5 Ways to Decorate Your Garage This Coming Halloween

Here are some decorating ideas that you can do for this Halloween season:

Haunted House

If you have the time and the resources to recreate your garage into an elaborate haunted house, then it’s definitely a fun project to do. This is also a great thing if you are inviting your kids’ friends over so they can all have enjoyed the place.

You need to clean up your garage first and remove all the items inside to have more space. Having a floor plan is also helpful so you can layout the entrance, exit and the sections of your haunted house. Decorate the garage with scary bits like cobwebs and let your family wear costumes. Go wild with the decorations and build walls inside.

Zombie Garage

This is a simple decoration that you can do without any fuss. If you have garage windows, you can cut out hands on a piece of cardboard and stick it to the windows. Just having this simple silhouette will add a bit of spook to your garage. Another idea is to purchase plastic hand and paint them with red to look like they’re dripping with blood.

You just have to prop them into pots and you’re good. If you want more elaborate zombies, you can use dolls and dress them up to look like real zombies. You can place them in front of your garage door for an added scary element.

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Spider Nightmare

This is also an easy yet a good way to decorate for the Halloween. You can purchase plastic spider toys in various sizes and stick them to the garage door. If you can find larger spiders, then that would be great. You can place the smaller spider on the door and create a trail of spiders while the larger ones can be put on top of the door or in front of the door.

Large cobwebs can also be placed around the garage door just to make the decoration more put together.

Glow in The Dark

Create this project with your kids and everyone will definitely have fun. This is a simple decoration idea that your kids can make on their own. Aside from having DIY décor candles glow in the dark decorations are unique and are perfect for giving a spooky factor at night.

All that you need is a glow in the dark tape, some stencils, pencils, and crafting knife. Just draw and cut out scary figures on the tape. You can use ghost shapes, bats, and others depending on your preference. The great thing about this type of decoration is that you can also put this around the house and not just in the garage.


Another easy and simple decoration for Halloween is the cemetery. Use cardboard to create tombstone. Paint them and draw them to make them look like aging tombstones. You can also add in ghost figures around to make the graveyard look put together. Stick these on your garage door.

If you are willing to go the extra mile, you can also do corpses and coffins. Just put a makeshift coffin outside the garage and put a doll inside to make it even more realistic.

This article was written by Kristy Jones of A Click Away Remotes.

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