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How to Move Cross-Country: The Ultimate Guide

Are you planning to move across the country?

Preparing and executing a long-distance move can be extremely challenging. Moving even a short distance takes a lot of preparation and planning, so you need to be even more organized when you’re moving far away.

image - How to Move Cross-Country: The Ultimate Guide
How to Move Cross-Country: The Ultimate Guide

Your long-distance move doesn’t have to be disorganized and full of stress. Here are some helpful tips on how to move cross country that will make the process much easier:

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  1. Save Money

Moving is expensive, and moving across the country can easily cost you thousands of dollars. While there are ways to move on a budget, having enough money set aside to cover moving costs will make you feel much less stressed.

  1. Start Early

Moving across the country takes time. It’s going to be nearly impossible to move far away in a short timeline, so you need to make sure you plan. Make sure you book a moving company at least a month or two ahead of time.

When you have plenty of time to prepare and adequately pack for your move, you will feel much more relaxed and in control.

  1. Decide How You Will Move

There are many logistics to consider before you try to move all of your things thousands of miles away. First, you’ll need to decide if you’re going to hire a moving company or if you will move everything on your own. Moving will save money, but it will likely take more time.

  1. Fly or Drive

You’ll also have to consider how you will get to your new home. It’s often more convenient to fly, but you will have to pay for a company to transport your car. You can drive, but make sure you budget for gas, food, and hotels on the way there.

  1. Gather Moving Supplies

Properly packing up all of your stuff to move is one of the most critical steps. You want to make sure your stuff is packed away safely, especially when you’re moving across the country. The longer your things are packed away, the more likely they are to break or suffer other damage.

Purchase boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and any other packing supplies you need. Make sure you’re organized during the packing process and label all of your boxes. Labeling will make unpacking go much faster.

  1. Sell Your Home or Apartment

Finding a new place to live is exciting, but don’t forget about where you’re currently living. Most apartments need at least a 30 days notice that you won’t be renewing your lease. If you need to sell your current home but aren’t sure how to get started, check out more here.

  1. Create a Master Checklist

A master checklist will help you stay organized and remember all of the items on this list. Organize the checklist in a way that makes sense to you. It might help create a timeline for yourself, so you know exactly when you need to accomplish each item, and your move stays on track.

Learn More About How to Move Cross Country

Moving across the country isn’t easy, but the more you plan, the less stressful the process will be. Make sure you check out the rest of our website for helpful tips on how to move cross country and more.

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