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Your Cross-country Moving Checklist

A well-planned checklist is essential for your cross-country moving. We are here to help you with the ultimate cross-country moving checklist that will make your move a hassle-free experience.

All cross-country moving plans ask for a lot of preparation and time. That’s why a good checklist when moving can help with these huge tasks. If you are moving long-distance for the first time, you might find all of this too tough and unknown, and you might require more help than someone who has already completed a cross-country relocation.

We have created this list keeping in mind all the important tasks and time frames, so relax and start preparing for your next big move.

image - Your Cross-country Moving Checklist
Your Cross-country Moving Checklist

We believe the ideal time to start preparing for your cross-country move is eight weeks before the final day. the two-month time frame will give you enough space to prepare for the big task. Without further ado let’s move on to the checklist.

Eight Weeks Before the Move 

  1. Set a Budget for Your Cross-country Move: Establishing a budget for your cross-country move is the first thing you need to consider. This will allow you to keep expenditures in control and you can consider cost-cutting measures according to your budget.
  2. Find Long-distance Movers and Compare the Pricing: Find the best-rated long-distance movers in your area and take estimates from at least four moving companies. Compare the pricing of moving companies and the services offered by them and select the best value for money deal.
  3. Create a Household Inventory and Start Purging Unwanted Stuff: Create an inventory of things you want to reallocate to your new place and get rid of anything you don’t use or want anymore. The lower the shipping weight the cheaper will be your cross-country move.
  4. Make Your Travel Plans: Decide whether you’re driving your car to your new location or catching a flight. Make the flight bookings in advance for cheaper rates and if you are planning for a road trip, make the necessary arrangements for that.
  5. Start Packing Your Stuff: Slow and steady wins the race. Start gathering packing supplies and organize your inventory. Start by packing things that are rarely used.

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Four Weeks Before the Move

  1. Finalize and Book a Moving Company: As per the plan, you have already compared the estimates from different moving companies. It is time to finalize and sign a contract with your moving company. Go through all the terms and conditions before signing the contract with your moving company.
  2. Gather the Important Documents and Apply for an Address Change: While you pack up for your cross-country move, gather all important documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, and passports in one place. Apply for a change in address for all the required documents.
  3. Make Moving Day Arrangements for Kids and Pets: Taking care of your kids and pets on a moving day will be a hectic task. Make arrangements in advance for kids and pets for their safety and comfort.
  4. Apply to Cancel All the Subscriptions and Notify Your Landlord: Inform the service providers of your electricity, cable, water, internet, gas, etc. about your move and apply to cancel the subscriptions after four weeks. If you are living in a rented space, inform your landlord at least 30 days before the move.

Two Weeks Before the Move

  1. Arrange a Garage or Online Sale: Sell out all the unwanted stuff from your household inventory, you can use online sites or arrange a garage sale traditionally.
  2. Apply for a USPS Change of Address:  File a change of address form online through the US Postal Service. Contact your financial institutions (bank and credit card companies) and your insurance company, to inform them of your address change.
  3. Schedule Utility Services at Your New Location: Before you arrive at your new place, scheduled to turn on essential services like electricity and water at your new location.

One Week Before the Move

  1. Finish Packing Non-essential Items: Only leave essential items for the final day. Organize and pack all the items in your inventory.
  2. Deep Clean the House: Clean the house thoroughly and make it ready for the next family.
  3. Finish the Food and Pantry Items: Before you move out, finish all the food items in your fridge and pantry.
  4. Talk to the Moving Company: Contact your movers and confirm the date and time of move with them again.
  5. Prepare Your Appliances and Fragile Items: Give special packing to fragile items and appliances to keep them safe during the long journey.

Moving Day

  1. Drop Off Your Kids and Pets as Planned: Drop them to a safe place before the moving professionals arrive.
  2. Sign the Moving List and Hand Over Possession: Recheck the list before signing and hand over the possession to your moving partner.
  3. Make Final Sweep and Clean Up the House: Before the moving truck leaves, do a final check and make sure you haven’t left anything behind. Complete a final cleaning before handing over the key to the landlord.

We believe the above checklist will make your cross-country moving more manageable and orderly.

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