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Our 8-Week Guide to Prepare for Your Move

If you’re planning on moving, this can be a stressful process, it can also be expensive, time-consuming, and exhausting.

There is a list of things you need to do before your big move can even happen and this can seem never-ending at times for some.

This 8-week guide will be a breakdown of your moving list to get you prepared for the big day. 8-weeks might seem far ahead for planning but it’s necessary that you have a plan, short and to the point is what’s needed when moving properties.

image - Our 8-Week Guide to Prepare for Your Move
Our 8-Week Guide to Prepare for Your Move

Our guide is to get you organized and give you a better understanding of how easy the process can be with a little planning and additional reading.

Before the Move

8 Weeks

Creating a checklist of to-do’s is the starting point for your 8-week journey. Having a checklist will give you the capacity to spread out your responsibilities into manageable steps, reducing the chance of becoming overwhelmed or missing any crucial steps along the way.

Whether you’ve sold your property already and found a new place or you are still looking, here are a few tips on what to get ready at this stage:

  • moving folder- print out all necessary documents and lists to check off, organize bills, to furniture vital and valuable documents.
  • Moving companies- research various moving companies that have reputable reviews, close to your area, and are cost-effective
  • Room by room- as you go through each room it’s important you create an inventory for each, color coding each room and place to keep track of when it comes time to unpack.

6 Weeks

The first stages were all about organization, now it’s time to dive in and narrow down the finer details of everything needed for the move, start finding and collecting supplies, such as moving boxes, labels, take pictures of all your valuables if something were to go wrong, and a storage unit if needed if you haven’t got a new property yet.

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4 Weeks

Let the countdown begin. The next couple of weeks are about preparation, bookings, final paperwork, and gathering supplies. This includes

  • Coverage- paying a little extra for moving insurance you never know what might happen
  • New home supplies- create a list and order supplies needed for the new property if needed.
  • Utilities – contact the internet, tv, and utility provider to arrange for the services at your new property.

Remember to update your checklist as the weeks pass to keep up to date on what has been completed or not.

2 Weeks

The goal this week is to update all your contact information and finalize the moving day logistics. Update your new change of address and cancel subscriptions if needed, arrange your mail to be forwarded to the new property as well

You can start the packing process as long as you have your inventory listed and color-coded by room; it will make the process seem less daunting.

Moving day can be tedious and if you have kids and pets running around can delay the process, organize with a family member or friend to entertain them for the day until everything is completed.

1 Week

The final stretch, packing a 24-hour kit of all your stuff, and collecting keys, the goal now is to have everything ready to go for a moving day.

Start cleaning and dismantling the big furniture items, again going room by room color coding is a faster efficient way to get everything done. Make sure to place all the packs=aging supplies in an easy-to-access location.

Moving Day

The big day has arrived, and if you’ve followed this guide and your checklist you are ready for the day ahead. The goal is to move you to your new property without a hitch.

  • No snoozing, set an alarm to wake up early and get all the last-minute items organized.
  • Clear a path for the movers to access the property easily and move on items out of the house into the truck without the hassle.
  • Double-check all the paperwork for the removalists that everything is correct and in order.
  • Depending on who is helping you on the day, the best thing you can do is make sure everything is ready to go for the removalists and the second-best thing is to feed the masses. Organizing something to eat and drink as a thank you will go a long way for the mover to get them through the day.

Once everything has been cleared and packed away, it’s important to do a walk-through to make sure nothing has been left behind and everything is clean and ready to move in for the new family.

Then comes the unpacking at your new home, using your checklist to make sure everything has been delivered and in one piece. This will make the process of unpacking easier as well if you color code the items or boxes so when it was delivered they got sent straight to each individual room.

If you’re still at the early stages of selling your property or a first home buyer, it’s beneficial for you to know where to begin and that’s where a property valuation comes in.

Whether you’re selling your property or buying its best, you know the true value of the property before diving headfirst and end up losing thousands on your sale or overspending on your investment because the asking price was above the true value of your property.

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