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How to Find Upcoming Auction Events Near Me

Auctions are a great way to bag amazing deals on unique and high-end products. However, the more significant challenge for you is finding the best auction events near you.

If you are new to the auction industry, it will take substantial research on your part to keep tabs on all upcoming auctions in Canada. However, we have made your work easy by providing a comprehensive guide on finding the best upcoming auction events near you.

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How to Find Upcoming Auction Events Near Me

If you are looking for regular auction events, then make sure you check out Auctionwin. Being one of the most renowned auction sites in Canada, it hosts countless online auctions across a range of product lines. Currently, they have more than 400 active auctions and 120+ auctions that are coming up soon.

How to Find Upcoming Auctions Near You

Starting without a plan on how you will find the upcoming auctions in your area will be tiresome. That’s why we have prepared the ultimate blueprint that will help you track down all the upcoming auctions in your area in no time.

1. Online Research

As much as you want to find out about the upcoming auctions, the hosts will also do their best to spread the word to get the maximum attendees for the event. You will need to do quick online research, then jot down the best upcoming options in your area.

You can start with looking up keywords like the following:

  • Upcoming auctions near me
  • Local auctions
  • Upcoming auctions +” your province name”

The search result will list auctions happening soon around your area with detailed information on the event location and date.

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 2. Auction Sites

If you are an auction enthusiast, waiting for events to happen might not be ideal. In this case, you will need platforms like auction sites that hold regular auction events. Tracking down all the popular auction sites in your area is pretty simple. All that you have to do is run a quick search with keywords like the following:

  • Best auction sites near me
  • Top 10 auction sites in + “your province name”
  • Auction sites near me
  • Local auction sites

The search result shows you can choose listicles with information on quite a few auction sites in a single post or click on individual service pages to know more about a particular website.

We suggest that you go for listicles and jot down the names and basic information of the popular auction website. While you are at it, ensure that you note the auction sites overlapping in every list at the top. These are the ones that are highly popular, reliable and will certainly offer you the best experience.

3. Find Auction Houses in Your Area

If you are not comfortable with online auction sites or arbitrary auction events, auction houses are the best alternative. These agencies are exclusively designed to help people sell assets that mainly include properties, art, and collectibles.

The process to find the best auction houses in your area is similar to finding online auction sites. A little online research, along with feedback from your friends and family, is all you need to find good auction houses.

Once you find a few eminent auction houses, you can visit their website and check out the list of upcoming events. Generally, you will find detailed information about the event venue, date, and the items being auctioned off.

4. Government Auctions

Auctions are no longer limited to private entities. The government itself can hold several auction events to sell off their surplus goods. To know about upcoming government auctions, you will have to run research on multiple governmental levels.

This can also include auctions held by your local police department or by public agencies.

Generally, the goods sold at these options do not come with any warranty, and the payment has to be made upfront before you leave with the product.

5. Silent Auctions

Local organizations and charities generally hold silent auctions intending to raise funds for a social cause. They are called silent auctions because instead of verbally declaring your bid, you are requested to write it down on a sheet along with your contact information.

The items at silent auctions are not limited to tangible products. They also include sports tickets, salon coupons, and passes for a weekend spa retreat.

It’s pretty simple to find upcoming silent auctions in your locality. All you have to do is look for “charity auctions” online, and you will find the list of upcoming events in a click.

Why Online Auction Sites are the Best Option for Getting Amazing Deals

The primary purpose behind attending and shopping from auctions is to get your hands on unique products at discounted prices. However, among all the other options mentioned above, online sites are the best of the lot because:

  • Online auction sites operate remotely. Hence, unlike regular events held by auction houses, you do not have to travel to the location and sit through the event to bid on the product.
  • The auctions held by government organizations generally sell confiscated or unclaimed items. Many people might not be comfortable with using a pre-owned product. However, on auction sites, you can also find brand-new items from the overstock of popular brands.
  • Auctions held by government organizations also do not provide any warranty on the product. However, when buying from online auction sites, you might get lucky and bag a warranty coverage on expensive items like electronics.
  • Sometimes the price of a product under silent auctions may exceed the retail value. However, the chances of such an unexpected rise in prices in online auctions are negligible.

Final Thoughts

Auctions are the best place to find unique collectibles and branded items at heavy discounts. However, choosing the right platform to buy auctioned goods defines your success with an auction event. Once you find the platform that gives you access to unlimited auction treasures, half the battle is won, and you can be sure of scoring some great deals.

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