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How Much Does a Plumber Cost? The Typical Prices Explained

On average, plumbers make around $53,000 each year.

Plumbing is a field that is always growing. If you need a plumber or have asked yourself how much does a plumber cost? Keep reading so that you can be better informed and avoid costly mistakes.

image - How Much Does a Plumber Cost? The Typical Prices Explained
How Much Does a Plumber Cost? The Typical Prices Explained

How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

When asking yourself “how much does a plumber cost”, you have to take into account many factors. The first of these factors is what kind of job you need to be done. Some jobs require more effort and time, therefore you will pay more for the completion of that repair or project.

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Basic Repairs

A basic repair, or something that doesn’t require a crew or a lot of time, is often quite cheap. The national average plumber prices fluctuate depending on your location. No matter where you live, you should expect to pay no more than $200 for the most simple repairs.

Extensive Repairs

For repairs that require more work, like a broken pipe, the cost can increase considerably. The more work that is required the longer they will be there, and the more plumbers may be needed.

Manpower and the cost of materials will always increase the overall price you pay. Most extensive repairs can run from a couple hundred to a thousand dollars.

Repair vs. Install

The cost will also be different if you are having something installed vs having something repaired. The reason for this comes down to the amount of time the project takes. Installing an entirely new system will take longer than most repair services.

When installing new systems, the material cost is often much higher. This will directly impact you, as the plumbing contractor will pass that cost to you as well.

How Plumbers Assess Cost

It is important to understand that almost all plumbers are paid an hourly rate. Then you have to factor in that the company that hires them gets paid for the time they are engaged working on your project or repair.

You may have asked, what does a plumber charge per hour? You can ask the plumber when you get an estimate from them. Most professionals will charge at least $80 dollars an hour, with average costs often running up to $100 an hour or even higher.

On top of the average cost for the plumber to work per hour, you have material cost too. Any repair or job that requires materials will cost more because the plumber cost is higher. That is because you have to pay for them to replace the materials they use, or they could have to order a part for you.

Take this all together and most repair jobs come out to between $300-$400. If the work you need is done during off-hours, you may also have to factor in overtime and emergency costs.

The Sooner the Better

When you try to figure out “how much does a plumber cost,” remember that not having plumbing work done can lead to much higher bills. A plumber price is nothing compared to extensive water damage and the repair bill that will come with that. Not having plumbing repairs done could even threaten your whole home.

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