One of the main questions to consider in the tree removal process is “how much does it cost to remove a tree?”. This is an important thing to consider before you hire a tree removal service.

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How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Tree From Your Yard

There’s a variety of factors that come into play when determining tree removal cost. To ensure you aren’t surprised, here is how much it costs to cut down a tree from your yard.

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Average Cost of Small Tree Removal

One of the main factors considered in the tree removal process is the size of the tree. A small tree is up to thirty feet tall and can cost anywhere from $100-$300 to remove.

These are the quickest and least expensive trees to remove. Typical small trees include apple trees, hawthorn trees, silver birch trees, and most fruit trees.

Average Cost of Medium Tree Removal

Medium trees are around 30-60 feet in height and are a little more expensive than small trees. They typically cost $300-$700 depending on both the height and width of the tree.

Maple trees, elm trees, and linden trees often fall into this category.

Average Cost of Large Tree Removal

Large and extra-large trees are the most expensive trees to remove from your yard. Large trees are about 60-80 feet in height, while extra-large trees are anything over 80-feet tall.

Larger trees are more expensive to remove because they require more people and high-powered machinery.

Oak trees are typically considered large trees, while pine and tulip trees are extra-large.

Factors Affecting the Price of Tree Removal

Beyond the height of the tree, other factors play a role in the cost of tree removal services. This includes the diameter of the tree. You can measure the diameter at the trunk of the tree, about 4-5 feet off the ground.

The condition of the tree can also factor into the cost. If the tree is dead, it becomes more complicated. Pest infestations or disease can spread from dead trees to other trees and shrubbery.

The location of the tree affects the price as well. If it’s close to the surrounding property, the removal process can involve more people in machinery to ensure no damage.

If the tree is on a hill or in rocky soil, the tree removal will cost more. The soil condition can put the tree in danger of sliding so it requires a precautionary approach.

Extra Services to Consider

You can expect the cost to increase for every extra service you need for your tree removal. This includes stump removal, limb chipping, tree trunk removal, travel expenses for remote areas, and log splitting.

Depending on the size of the tree, stump removal can cost anywhere $60-$350. All other extra services can cost anywhere from $75-200, depending on the size and complexity of the service.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree? Now You Know!

Next time you’re asked, “how much does it cost to remove a tree?” you’ll have your answer. Though every tree is different, the size of the tree is one of the most significant driving factors of the cost. Beyond the size, the other factors mentioned are important to consider to determine the most accurate price.

This will prevent you from being taken advantage of and ensure you’ve budgeted for the cost.

Knowledge is key!

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