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Fact or Fiction: Can Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

Over the past decade, solar installations have seen a steady rise. It doesn’t seem like this is going to slow down anytime in the near future.

There’s a good chance that if someone does not currently have any solar power at their home or business, they know someone who does.

image - Fact or Fiction Can Solar Panels Damage Your Roof
Fact or Fiction Can Solar Panels Damage Your Roof

One of the top questions asked to a roofing company today is if solar panel installation will cause damage to the roof. Usually, most people’s concerns relate to water leaks or holes, or if the solar panels will provide any protection for the roof.

If someone is thinking about investing in solar power and they are worried about the impact it will have on their roof, they will be happy to learn that instead of causing damage to the roof, the solar panels can actually provide a small amount of protection.

In fact, they may help to increase the roof’s value. Keep reading to learn more.

The Cooling Impact Caused by Solar Panels

Since solar panels are typically installed over the roof, they can help keep it cool. This is because the solar panels are blocking the UV rays of the sun from reaching the actual roofing materials.

This is done by absorbing the sunlight that would otherwise be falling directly on the roofing materials, day after day.

There is also a slight gap between the panels and roof where it is possible for air to flow and keep things cool under the panels.

Because of this, the panels help to provide shade, similar to a tree, but for the roof. Additionally, the panels can keep the roof protected from falling debris and limbs.

While this is true, the biggest benefit is the cooling power that these panels have. In fact, according to one study, solar panels can help to reduce the temperature inside a home by almost 35%, sometimes more.

Protection from Adverse Weather Conditions

Certain types of inclement weather, including excessive rain and wind, hail, and snow can cause serious damage to a roof through the years.

When solar panels are installed on the roof, there is now a type of roadblock that will eliminate much of the effects caused by cold weather.

While the panels don’t offer complete protection, they can reduce the impact of the elements on the roof, helping it to last longer than it would if no panels were in place.

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No Big Holes in the Roof

Some people worry about too many holes in the roof. This can cause shingle damage or leaks. Modern solar panels are going to be installed using a ballasted racking system or a type of roof clamp system.

Homeowners should understand that neither of the installation options requires holes to be put into the roof.

Keep in mind there are some solar panel systems that will bolt to the roof’s rafters. However, with this, if the person installing the panels is a professional, there is no need to worry about the holes created.

They will not cause any type of water leaks in the home’s attic.

Professional roofing companies have provided countless solar panel installation services. Because of this, they know how to install the panels without causing any type of serious damage to the roof.

Also, they will ensure their installation methods do not void the roof warranty. Today, installers can quickly and easily install solar panels without causing any issues.

With some of the newer systems used for installing solar panels, companies use clamping systems that ensure installation with no holes -; at all- being put in the roof.

This keeps the warranty intact so there are no worries about issues or leaks caused by solar panel installation.

No Concern Related to Voided Roofing Warranties

It is a good idea to have solar panels installed on a roof that is five years old or less. There are some installers that will not even consider installing solar panels on a roof that has been installed for over five years because, at some point (sooner rather than later), the roof will have to be replaced.

Most solar companies are working hard to handle the process in a professional manner that will help ensure the warranty is not voided.

Keep in mind, having a new roof installed is one of the costliest renovation jobs that a person may take on. Since the cost of a roof replacement may be over $9,000 for a 2500 square foot home, most people want to make sure that nothing is damaged or that poor work was done that has voided their warranty.

Even a seemingly small, misplaced hole or a tear in one of the shingles can let water get into the attic. Today, companies are working with customers and roofing industry professionals to ensure nothing is impacted or compromised during the installation process.

The Possibility of Increasing Roof Value

If a person has plans to sell their home or business at any point, then installing solar panels may become a selling point.

With more people trying to “go green” than ever before, knowing that a property owner has made an investment in solar power is considered a significant advantage.

If a roof was worth $10K before the installation, it could be worth twice that amount (or more than this) just because a solar panel system has been installed.

Is It Time to Invest in Solar Panels?

The fact is, that when someone has solar panels installed on their roof, it will help to keep the electric bills down and it will be a safer option for the environment.

However, it is possible to increase the home’s value when the professional installation is done. Also, thanks to modern installation methods, there is no need to worry about things like tears, holes, or other types of damage to the roof.

When it comes to a roof, there are more than a few factors to consider. Being informed is the best way to ensure that a solar panel installation is successful. Keep this in mind when making any type of significant investment.

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