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Factors to Consider Before Getting a Spray Foam Inspection Service in New Orleans

Keeping your home warm during winter and cool during summer is a challenge thanks to technology that is making our life more convenient.

People continue to enjoy the convenience if they avail of services from the spray foam inspections New Orleans they can get in making their home better and more comfortable.

image - Factors to Consider Before Getting a Spray Foam Inspection Service in New Orleans
Factors to Consider Before Getting a Spray Foam Inspection Service in New Orleans

One of the remedies in proofing their home is getting their home spray foam service. Homeowners should consider some things before getting that spray foam job done by professionals.

Here are Some Factors to Consider

Suitability of Your Home

They have to check your home if it is suitable for foam spray. Some structures and materials are not suitable for spray foam, therefore they have to be inspected in every corner of your home. Inspection is done to be able to assess if your home is indeed suitable for spray foam.


It’s Practical to know the rates before you have your avail of their spray foam services. So you can be prepared with your budget.

During the inspection, they will be able to give you a quote on how much it will cost you since they have measured the area and estimated how much will be used to cover your home.

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Skills of Contractor

Check if you are dealing with experienced spray foam contractors since this can affect the outcome of their services. You can ask them how long they have been in the industry so you will have an idea if they have enough experience.

Materials To be Use

Spray foams have different densities, your contractor can’t tell which one is recommended for your home. Make sure that the ones they use are durable enough for your home. That’s why hire a trusted contractor so you can get the best result.

Hire the right Spray Foam Service

If you want a smooth result then hire the best spray foam service in New Orleans. You can start by checking in the ones in your area. The advantage of choosing one’s near your area is you can easily call them if there are any issues. Patronizing a business near you is a better choice than going farther.

How Do You Prepare for Spray Foam Inspection in New Orleans?

Once you have decided to have a spray foam inspection make sure to do the following:

Removal of Old Insulation

If your home has old insulation then have to remove or if you are more comfortable remaining them yourselves then it is also possible. Just make sure that you know what you are doing.

If not better let them handle them too since they are trained to install and remove any other elements that should not be there once they start the spray foam insulation.

Pack Your Stuff for Safety

The contractor may be an expert but it is unavoidable for the foam spray to go everywhere. To avoid damage to your stuff keep them away from the areas where spray foaming will be done.

If you are planning to spray foam the whole house then everything should be removed during the process. This is also to give way and give enough room for the installer to work on.

What to Expect When Getting a Spray Foam Inspection

Observe the Surface Appearance

The appearance should be smooth since even the foam spray can affect its purpose. It should be flat and not bulky. There should be no gaps when spray foams are installed.

It should fill up all necessary spaces where foam should be. Gaps can cause excessive heat transfer so they should not be there.

Shrinkage of foam can cause cracks and cracks are defects. This can be caused by cohesive failure.

Testing is Done

During the inspection, some tests will be done for them to check if the materials they will be using are right.

Now that you have an idea of the factors to consider before getting a spray foam inspection service in New Orleans then you can start looking for spray foam service to cater to your needs.

Make sure to check on the factors listed so you can find the best one to give improvement to your home and make it more suitable for winter and any season of the year.