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What Are the Different Types of Shower Doors That Exist Today?

Last year saw a record boom in home renovations, and 2022 will likely follow that trend. Home repairs and upgrades increased by 4%, according to Business Insider. One of the most popular areas of home upgrades deals with showers and bathrooms.

image - What Are the Different Types of Shower Doors That Exist Today
What Are the Different Types of Shower Doors That Exist Today

The bathroom should be a spa-like sanctuary that is approachable and safe for all users. As you’re exploring the best types of shower doors, keep the following in mind.

Neo-Angle Shower Doors

Are you working in a tight space? For corner shower projects, a neo-angle door might be your best option. The door cuts across a 90-degree angle — the perfect fit for a corner shower.

The unit consists of two side panels that have a flat front edge. This creates a diamond shape floor space.

The door is typically centered between the panels. This design allows the door to open outward into the room to maximize usable space.

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Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Also known as bath screens, the bi-fold shower door is fabricated from several glass panels. Typically, one panel is fixed to the wall while the remaining two panels can fold outward using hinges.

This is similar to a bi-fold screen or closet door that you may be familiar with. This design is great for optimizing space in small bathrooms.

Steam Shower Doors

This great option allows you to turn your shower into a steam room. Steam Shower doors are designed to fit tightly from ceiling to floor along all sides. The hinges are similarly designed to be airtight.

This prevents steam from escaping so you can enjoy a hot, all-immersive sauna experience from home. Steam shower doors come with panels that are air-tight. Some residential shower models have small moveable panels called transoms that act as vents.

Curved Shower Doors

Curved shower doors are aesthetically pleasing. The doors are designed to fit around rounded shower trays. They can also lie flush with tile floors. The curved glass creates extra room inside the shower space.

Many people find that the curved design also makes it easier to exit and enter the shower. This is because users do not have to squeeze past a straight door.

With no sharp corners, these doors are also easier to clean. Even without the need to regularly clean, there may be a need to call a professional for shower door repair.

Frameless Shower Doors

If your shower has intricate tile work that you’d like to show off, a frameless shower can be a great option. The door can also make your bathroom appear more open. Remember, for a smart homeowner, these types of doors do require thicker glass for stability, and these units are often costlier than other shower door options.

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This overview should give you an idea about which shower door designs are popular and trending at the moment. Consider the size and shape of your bathroom before upgrading or replacing your shower door. The best types of shower doors should be functional as well as fun to use.

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