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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Frameless Shower Doors

Custom frameless shower doors on the Treasure Coast are the way to go when you want a modern, stylish bathroom. It offers more options than framed enclosures and allows homeowners an opportunity to customize their design with ease.

However, this doesn’t mean that all purchases need be unlimited. In making any huge investments in remodeling projects like these, it’s essential to know what will work best within both your budget as well as style preferences. It can become costly really quickly without careful planning.

image - Everything You Need to Know About Custom Frameless Shower Doors
Everything You Need to Know About Custom Frameless Shower Doors

With its simple frameless construction paired up against traditional framed models (which often date rather quickly), frameless showers present endless possibilities ensuring buyers get exactly what they desire while not breaking themselves financially doing so.

This article will provide you with all the information you need and answer the questions bothering you for a long time about custom frameless shower doors.

Everything About Custom Frameless Shower Doors

A frameless shower door is a panel of sturdy, tempered glass. Unlike framed doors that need metal support to function and often have an old-fashioned appearance (this type would be called “framed”).

The modern look associated with these types makes it more appealing for homeowners who want something simple yet stylish in their bathroom.

Here are some overviews you need to know if you are considering a custom frameless shower door for your bathroom.


The price of frameless shower doors varies by locale and depends on several factors such as size, glass type, etc. Shower door kits are available for purchase at home improvement stores or online. Or you can DIY your enclosure with some know-how!

Custom enclosures may have a higher-end cost, but it’s worth noting that they are tailored specifically to meet YOUR preferences- not just “the average person.” Not to mention, it also increases your home value.

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If you have a metal framed shower door that has an internal drainage system and rubber gaskets, then soap buildup can cause some major problems.

It is because the seals will get moldy from all of this detergent residue not getting rinsed off before it sets in place on top of everything else!

A frameless glass enclosure does not need these kinds of sealants since there is no contact between water flow and surface area for bacteria growths like those found indoors, which often create more issues than they solve with standard doors.


Shielded by its lack of metal and plastic, glass is practically maintenance-free. It makes an ideal choice for those looking to save time on housework or who do not enjoy scrubbing stains off their shower door every week!

The only difficulty might lie with maintaining an anti-scuff protector film outside the enclosure, which can be accomplished through the cleaning methods mentioned above all while avoiding water rings that will increase chances for scaling up quickly if you leave it to uncheck.

The door’s transparency is one of its main selling points, so you will need to keep the glass spotless. Dull or dingy glasses can mar the open and spacious look you want for this shower stall. Use a streak-free cleaner once per week just as an extra touch!

Get Your Shower Door Done

Aside from all these perks, let’s not overlook the fact that a custom frameless shower door will help increase your home’s value, and aside from that, it makes your home more attractive.

 Custom closet designers on the Treasure Coast are a must-have. If you prefer a hassle-free door and a door that resembles you as an individual.

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