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Factors to Consider While Buying a Safe

A durable and high-quality safe is one of the secure means for the protection of your valuables from various unexpected events such as fires, burglary, or theft. Some of the popular possessions that are stored in safe include:

  • Emergency reserves of cash
  • Documented IDs such as passports, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and social security cards
  • Family heirlooms such as jewellery
  • Property ownership documents, health insurance documents, bank account information, medical records, and a will
  • Computer back-ups such as flash drives or hard drives
  • A spare set of keys

With a wide variety of safes in the market, it might be somewhat difficult to find the appropriate one. Let us explain some of the factors that should be considered before buying the right safes NYC.

image - Factors to Consider While Buying a Safe
Factors to Consider While Buying a Safe

The Appropriate Protection Features That You Need

Generally, there are a total of three threats that a safe can protect against. It can protect your valuables against fire, water, and burglary. Different safes offer different levels of protection against these threats.

Protection Against Burglary

Steel thickness and locking protection are the two main factors contributing to burglary protection. For increasing the level of security, a combination lock is a preferred system.

However, an excessive number of locking bolts on the safe is neither necessary nor beneficial as it doesn’t affect the safes capacity to resist prying. It is just sometimes used as a selling point to attract more customers.

The second factor to consider for burglary protection is the steel thickness. The steel thickness is supposed to be measured with the help of a gauge.

The smaller the number on the gauge, the greater will be the thickness of the steel. Generally, a 12-gauge home safe can protect your valuables from a burglar.

If you think that it’s not enough, you can always opt for thicker safes, however, keep in mind that higher protection comes at a higher price.

Fire Resistance

It cannot be guaranteed that the safe is 100 per cent fireproof; however, top-notch insulation can protect the items inside the safe against fire for a certain period.

Before buying the safe, you can know more about what kind of protection will be appropriate for the items that you are going to store in the safe. It will help you in choosing the perfect safe for you.

Water Resistance

The majority of the safes that offer protection against fire and burglary also tend to offer protection against water to some extent. However, there might be some safes that offer fire resistance and burglary protection but fail to offer water resistance.

It is advised to ensure that in addition to fire and burglary protection, water resistance is also offered by the safe.

It is an extremely important feature as in cases of fire. Firefighters will be likely to extinguish the fire with water. This feature will also protect your valuables in cases of natural disasters such as floods.

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