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Time to Put on the Rubber Gloves and Fix the Minor Sinking Troubles

Owning a home is quite different than living in a rented place. With all the perks of owning a place, comes a bunch load of responsibilities to keep the place habitable and up and running. Maintaining your own house may require a little more effort than anticipated.

As a homeowner, you need to take care of and fix the problems that come up in the house. There is no landlord or a caretaker to call if anything goes out of order.

Time to Put on the Rubber Gloves and Fix the Minor Sinking Troubles
Fix the Minor Sinking Troubles

Time to Put on the Rubber Gloves and Fix the Minor Sinking Troubles

You are the lord of your house. So, having a few tricks up the sleeves always come in handy. Plumbing issues are one of the most common issues you are likely to face when you own a place.

While the complicated issues with your plumbing system are easily taken care of, you can always fix the minor issues yourself. The professional plumber Kelowna always has your back when it comes to fixing your plumbing system.

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To begin from the scratch, for fixing any plumbing issue, the main water supply pipeline is shut down. Know where the main switch or the knob is to turn off the main water supply.

The main pipeline provides water throughout the taps in the house. Know how to operate the same, before starting to fix any minor problem.

To fix blockages, one needs to clear the main sewer line clean out. The cleaning out pipe is the pipe which enables all the dirty water to pass out through the sewer line into the drainage system.

A blockage in the same can clog the bathroom drains and allow the water to accumulate in the bathroom. Know where the sewer line cleanout pipe is, in order to clear a blockage.

Regular maintenance of the sewer line clean out pipes also prevents the occasional blockage. The sewer line cleanout pipe is threaded with a steel or a plastic cap.

It is usually green, black or, white in color. For most of the houses, it is located near the property line. Some houses may have it in the basement. So know the exact location of the cleanout pipe.

Keep the Water Flowing

Every sink, toilet and, appliances such as the dishwasher and the washing machine usually have a water supply valve near them. This valve turns off water to the particular line connecting to the same. Knowing the locations of the valves come in handy while cleaning the pipes connected to the particular area.

Plumbing emergencies may rise at any point, unannounced. So it is best to keep the main water supply point and the clean out sewer pipe free. Keep the area free of any furniture or any other things that may cause a hindrance in operating the same, in an emergency.

In times of sudden emergencies, you must be able to turn off the main water supply line or get the sewer line to clean out quickly. Failing to do so can cause flooding in the house.

These few simple plumbing tips will keep the water line up and flowing. And, don’t forget a regular cleaning routine.

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