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Foreman’s Guide: House Painting Tips for Best Results

It is a fact that some people tend to think that painting is easy and that anyone can get it done – well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

But if you are keen on doing the DIY route and want to paint your house on your own, well then, you may want to check out the tips posted below.

House Painting Tips for Best Results
Foreman’s Guide – House Painting Tips for Best Results

House Painting Tips for Best Results

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  • Wait for Dry Weather

If you are keen to get your house painted, then you may want to do it during summer and during dry weather season. One of the reasons is obvious, no one wants to have their house painted only for a heavy downpour to undo all their hard work, and moreover, wet weather, high humidity can result in your paint taking forever to dry.

You can correct some of your mistakes as you go ahead but remember not to go in for an overkill since that would result in an overcoat, and that’s something that you may want to avoid.

If you find the list of do’s and don’ts a bit too much, the better option would be to call in the professionals – all you need to do is to search online for Painters in Auckland and sort through some of the tops ranked local painters.

  • Do a Thorough Check

Before you get started on your DIY project, you may first want to closely inspect your home for cracks, blisters, old peeling paint, blotches on the wall and more. You need to scrape and remove all the old paint before you apply on a new coat. It is essential that you sand the area, and then apply the primer as well as a new coat of paint.

However, if you chose to just paint over the old coat, then you should know that the weight of the primer and the new paint would just pull the old coat loose. So make sure that you sand the walls and remove all traces of the old paint before you apply a fresh, new coat.

You may also want to wash your walls first before going ahead with the paint job. You can always search online for Exterior house wash in Auckland, as that should get you more than a few local vendors who specialize in the same.

  • Buy the Right Equipment

Since you want your home to look good, you would naturally want to go for good quality paint. But that alone may not be enough since you would also require good quality brushes, roller covers, painters tape and much more.

  • Use Paint Covers

Let’s say that you are renovating the interior of your home and you are about to get started with painting the interiors. The first thing that you need to do is to go in for some paint covers, drape them over all the important pieces of furniture and other items right away.

This is essential especially if you are looking to avoid getting paint drops on everything.

  • Use Primer

If the walls of your house happens to be smooth, texture-free, then you can go in for a paint-primer combination and paint your walls in one go. But if you had not painted your home in the last eight, then you may well have to go for a separate primer. And you may want to go for bonding primer, with certain kinds of surface.

  • Ask the Salesperson

You may want to ask the salesperson at the paint store to correctly estimate how much paint you would need to paint your home. You may want to ask at a few shops and this should give you a rough idea as to how much paint you would actually need.

These are some of the house painting tips that should soon have you painting like a pro. If you find the process – from cleaning, sanding, washing to painting a tad overwhelming, then you may want to call in the professionals.

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