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How Painting Your Furniture Can Give Your Room a Chic and Trendy Feel

If you’re looking to update your home decor, there’s no need to rush out and buy all new pieces just to make your living space trendy. Using what you already have or maybe some secondhand finds, and then adding some paint to them can revitalize the aesthetic of your home.

How Painting Your Furniture Can Give Your Room a Chic and Trendy Feel
How Painting Your Furniture Can Give Your Room a Chic and Trendy Feel

How Painting Your Furniture Can Give Your Room a Chic and Trendy Feel

No matter if you prefer a more minimalistic style or a bold and dramatic finish, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. Giving your room an update is as simple as spending a little time and a little money to get welcome results.

Here are just a few ways of painting furniture and décor can give your rooms a chic and updated feel!

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Make a Statement

Modernizing an already existing piece of furniture or decor can make a statement in an otherwise bland space. Adding some paint, patterned paper or a metallic finish can turn a drab table into a showstopping conversation starter.

Using different types of paint, like chalk or dry erase paints, can turn your furniture into a multi-purpose piece where you can draw or write – a completely different way to make a statement.

Add New Life

Oftentimes, furniture that has been scratched or damaged is put out with the garbage. With the right paint job, however, you can give that old piece of furniture a new life in your home. With a quicksand and a fresh coat of paint, imperfections can easily be covered up to repurpose a piece of furniture or home decor.

Depending on how you choose to refinish an item, you can even find new uses for items from room to room. Ever see a vanity become a dining room credenza?

Painting Furniture Can Give Room a Chic & Trendy Feel

Accent Existing Decor

If you’ve got a room in your house that you love but you need a specific item to fill it, it can be difficult to find the perfect piece to complete the look. Instead, look for a piece that you fall in love with, no matter the color or finish. You’ll only need a little bit of time and money to turn it into the perfect complement to your existing décor.

Did you know that you can even paint fabric? This tutorial shows how an old chair can be refurbished to accent an already existent aesthetic.

Mix New & Old

Do you have a love for antiques but also an appreciation for a modern design? Painting furniture is a great opportunity to and old items with a new aesthetic – just be sure you’re not revamping a priceless antique that will actually lose value if you refinish it.

If you have heirloom pieces that have been in your family for years, finding ways to match them with your current decor or furniture can be difficult, but many items can be refurbished (either by your or a professional) to coordinate with your newer items.


Likewise, if you’ve got sentimental photos or artwork to display, use those to instantly personalize your space. A freshly painted frame or a DIY cork board can help bring a new perspective to those special items and make them fit into a new space.

Painting your furniture to add a new and trendy feel to the rooms in your home is simple. There are numerous techniques, tools, and paints to help you reach the final looks you desire. Many online tutorials will tell you to start with a high-quality piece of furniture. However, a lot of great pieces can be found on Facebook, Freecycle, garage sales or even local thrift stores.

Sprucing up your home by painting furniture is a great way to revamp a space on a budget with just a little time and elbow grease. And because it’s so inexpensive to do, you can easily keep up with the trends as they change, or your tastes evolve. Happy painting!

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