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10 Tips to Achieve Farmhouse Chic Style and Freshen Your Home

The farmhouse decor trend has been on the rise since 2008 and shows no sign of stopping. One of the voices in farmhouse chic decor is none other than Joanna Gains, host of the show Fixer Upper, whose farmhouse style has left an imprint on decor trends.

image - 10 Tips to Achieve Farmhouse Chic Style and Freshen Your Home
10 Tips to Achieve Farmhouse Chic Style and Freshen Your Home

How can you achieve that farmhouse chic look in your home? What are the pieces to look for and colours to paint?

If you’re interested in farmhouse chic decor, here are 9 things you need to know to get started decorating today!

1. Colours

Bold colours are out, and neutrals are in! Your modern farmhouse chic means choosing colours like white, cream, eggshell, beige, and even grey – anything that doesn’t pop.

Leave the colour to the small details like a cushion cover or a beautiful pitcher on the counter.

This is because your focus is going to be on the decor pieces themselves instead of a feature wall or bright colour. It’s also best to stick to one or two colours so as not to overwhelm the lighting and flow of the space.

However, it’s perfectly acceptable to have one large pop of colour, like a quilt or bedspread, be the star of the room. Colours like yellow or red work well for a bold colour statement.

2. Lighting

Lighting can be tricking in any type of decor, but farmhouse chic makes it easy.

Natural light is the best choice for lighting when it comes to farmhouse lighting. Large fixtures that produce soft lighting are the way to go to keep that natural feel going when it gets dark.

This could be a great repurposing project as well.

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3. Shiplap

Your shabby chic farmhouse isn’t complete with a wall (or two!) of shiplap. Shiplap is a wooden board often used as a siding on farmhouse house buildings like sheds or barns.

Shiplap is a common trademark of farmhouse decor. Use it in the kitchen, living space to create a warm and inviting atmosphere or even as a focal point in a room.

You’ll find it in many warm hues or even stained wood for an, especially unique wall.

4. Recycle and Repurpose

One of the main hallmarks of farmhouse decor is reusing items and repurposing them.

For example, mason jars used as glasses, paint cans into flower pots, using any vintage piece for a modern idea, old books as decor, lighting fixtures, and things like that.

Flea market shopping is a popular activity for people to find one-of-a-kind items to showcase or use in their homes.

Most items are inexpensive and can be used on their own or repurposed with a little love and care.

5. Small Details

The farmhouse decor is in the details. It’s what makes the environment charming and inviting as well as cohesive. The great thing is, you don’t need a lot of pieces to make a big impact on a room.

Look for interesting details in mirrors, clocks, vases, serving ware, and so forth. Prints that draw you in and colours that make a bold statement, though you only want a little colour per room to maintain that airy feel.

Anything that looks old and rusty, but produces a sort of charm is what you’re going for!

6. Focal Point

Just because you have neutral walls and colours doesn’t mean you avoid having a focal point in a few rooms. A focal point is an area in a room where you want to display a piece of furniture or other object and make it the highlight of the room.

Different focal point ideas for a farmhouse might be a fireplace, a cabinet, or anything else you think ties in with your farmhouse. Remember, only one focal point per room, or it becomes overwhelming.

7. Sliding Barn Doors

A farmhouse wouldn’t be a farmhouse without barn doors! In a modern farmhouse, however, these barn doors are both function and fun.

Nowadays, sliding barn doors are a perfect piece to add. Instead of opening wide, they slide along the wall creating more space in the room.

You can find them in nearly any colour but stick to neutrals or even some slightly cooler softer colours to keep that farmhouse feel.

Make sure when you’re installing the barn door that you don’t place any furniture or other object on the sliding wall.

8. Furniture

Most furniture today has a more modern feel, but in your farmhouse, you’ll want to own a few pieces of vintage or authentic farmhouse furniture.

These can be pieces like four-poster or metal bed, rocking chairs, large wooden chests, mismatched dining room chairs, and so forth. You may even consider repurposing some of them for other uses.

Not all of your furniture needs to display a farmhouse feel. You can achieve a modern farmhouse look with other furniture as well, by having one or two pieces that stand out.

9. Wall Decor

Nothing says farmhouse quite like your wall decor. You’ll want to look for anything rustic, vintage, or antique that contributes to your space well without being too bold.

Anything picture is written with script lettering, vintage weather vanes, anything with wood, pictures of farm animals or farm scenes, galvanized metal, windowpane plaque, or other pieces that display farm life is the way to go.

10. Clear the Clutter

Not only is clutter disastrous for your mental health, but it also brings down the vibe of the farmhouse feel. When you’re going for the farmhouse look, you want the space to be open, airy, and bright.

Do your best to contain your clutter by having fewer objects, a space for belongings like shoes, backpacks, and coats, and other personal items like mail or keys. Ideally, they should be out of sight to maintain an open feel.

Make Farmhouse Chic Yours!

The farmhouse chic look is a wonderfully charming and comforting decor. It works well in any home and with any look, whether it’s chic or modern. What steps can you take to achieve a farmhouse look today?

Do you need more design tips? We’ve got you covered! Visit our website today to learn more.

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