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Everything You Need to Know about Choosing a White Kitchen Sink

White is undisputedly the heavenly color, yet some people hesitate to adopt it. And they reason its upkeep and durability are the main issues.

You can have the same presumptions about this choice. But after seeing the range of white kitchen sink by Kraus, you must have started reconsidering it. Still, some questions and doubts may stop you from making a decision.

Since a white sink in the kitchen can give it a clean look and match any style effortlessly, you cannot go wrong with it when it comes to adding or elevating an aesthetic value.

image - Everything You Need to Know about Choosing a White Kitchen Sink
Everything You Need to Know about Choosing a White Kitchen Sink

You can buy a white sink for your farmhouse, modern or traditional style kitchen without an iota of doubt. It can merge with and enhance the beauty of any interior design idea, and you cannot refuse this.

You also don’t need to worry about the color of cabinets and countertops because a white-hued sink never intrudes on anything. It quickly becomes a part of the environment and a value-addition.

However, to make sure you pick the right choice in the white sink, you have to reckon a few factors. Let’s dive into them straight.

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White Kitchen Sink Material

You can get white color in a variety of materials, including steel, cast iron, composite, and fireclay. Cast iron can be expensive in terms of purchasing cost as well as maintenance. Composite and steel are worth considering when you don’t want to loosen your purse strings.

However, if you have a budget and want to enjoy the maximum benefits of your selection, then go with a fireclay. It can ensure durability. The glazed clay tends to be a high-duty and strong product due to its treatment at high temperatures.

The fireclay sinks can be trendsetters of sorts, but they are also timeless and appealing pieces that never go out of fashion. Once thought to be a good fit for just farmhouses and cottages, they now adorn all types of interior decoration of the kitchen.

You can trust them to occupy anyone’s attention you host or entertain. They can indeed be such compelling choices. And the best part is you mostly get them in a white tone only. So, deciding on an option becomes even easier.

White Kitchen Sink Style

When you make up your mind for a white fireclay sink, you would be glad to know that farmhouse or apron-front becomes by far a default choice. Farmhouse sinks tend to be larger in size and durable too.

Although this choice can be beneficial to any kitchen, large families can particularly feel happy and satisfied after including it in the most critical part of their homes. The reasons are multiple.

The farmhouse design doesn’t let the residue from the counter get stuck in the lips of the sink when you clean it. As a result, there is minimal buildup, which you can get rid of quickly.

And since the sink is an area where you do lots of tasks, such as storing dirty dishes, washing them and other things like fruits and veggies, cutting, chopping, and so on, it is prone to turn messy soon. But the size and comfort of apron-front sinks allow you to manage everything beautifully.

You don’t have to lose your sleep over wondering how to remove all the mess and keep your kitchen always ready no matter whether someone drops in on an invitation or a surprise visit.

White Kitchen Sink Maintenance

Cleaning a fireclay farmhouse sink is nothing different from the other types of sinks. Fireclay tends to be non-porous and stain-resistant. It also doesn’t rust because there is no metal element in it. So, you can wipe away even any stubborn foodstuff that can cause stains.

However, since the surface is white, you have to clean it daily. To maintain it in good condition for a long time, you can follow these tips:

  • Use mild cleaners and a soft cloth for cleaning
  • After rinsing the surface, dry clean it with a soft cloth to avoid water spots
  • Buy a sink grid to prevent pans and pots from damaging the surface of the sink

Just remember one thing that every manufacturing company usually provides guidelines for proper maintenance and care. Read their instructions carefully so that you can take advantage of the product warranty (if applicable).

Generally, it is safe to stay away from abrasive cleaning agents and scouring pads, such as steel wool. Also, you must wash your basin every day so that there is no old stain that you have to tackle with a scrubber. Daily rinsing can come in handy in ensuring long-lastingness.

So, if you were on tenterhooks about whether a white sink in the kitchen could be an ideal choice, then you must have got your answer by now. Like any other sink, a white sink also demands care and upkeep. It’s just that you have to be a bit extra conscious.

But if you take care of this part, you can expect to enjoy results beyond imagination. Soon it can become a focal point in the kitchen, making every guest curious about your choice and how you ensure that your kitchen always looks up-to-date.

Quick Points to Consider

Anyway, when you shop for a white kitchen sink in fireclay material, do check the product details thoroughly. While craftsmanship is going to hold a superior position, you also need to make sure that the surface is high-grade.

Only a high-end fireclay structure can resist cracking. Also, enamel has to be a high-gloss finish so that chances of stains and scratches get diminished.

Another thing you need to watch is that the surface is non-porous. A smooth glossy finish will not allow food particles to build up, and hence, the chances of bacterial attack will also be less. You can wipe the surface quickly and free your mind from all the tension.

In the market, you get plenty of choices in colors, textures, and styles. Nevertheless, when it comes to the combination of white, fireclay, and farmhouse, nothing can beat it.

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