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Foundation Repair: DIY or Hire a Pro?

When a foundation to property needs repairing it is certainly a job for a professional.

When a property is built, the foundation is what makes the building stable.

Having a stable building is the only way it will stay up, so when there is a problem with this it is not something that should be attempted by a novice.

Foundation repair is essential, if there is a problem with the foundation of a building, this will not only put you and your family at risk but also passers-by.

The problem with foundation damage is that at first glance you will not be able to see what actual damage is there and how bad it is and what will need to be done to fix it.

image - Foundation Repair: DIY or Hire a Pro?
Foundation Repair: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Often with a repair like this, it will need a camera to assess what safety measures need to be taken, and how important it is that it’s fixed immediately.

Professional companies have specialist equipment that will be able to see what the human eye can not, although some damage may be visible.

Structural repairs

When a building is built it will go through a building inspector/structural engineer to approve the property, a surveyor will look into what needs to be done, what type of ground you are building on, and how this is to be done safely.

A plan will be drawn and between the professionals, they will work out what materials need to be used, how far down your foundations need to be.

What material needs to be used on the whole property to make it safe.

Your foundations will depend on how the ground you are building on is, for instance, if there are water pipes underneath the earth you will build on.

If drains are found underneath the earth then ways to build around, or over them in a safe way, without cracking, or putting weight on the pipework will need to be found. This may need approval from the water company.

This is why you need a professional when designing a home. The rules and regulations that need to be followed are not just for safety but are for legal reasons too.


If you attempt to fix a foundation problem yourself you may find that your insurance will be invalid for legal reasons.

When selling or buying a property you should have building insurance in place.

This ensures that the sale goes through and both the buyer and seller are covered in case any problems are found before or after the sale.

Fixing structural problems yourself may interfere with your buildings insurance if someone gets hurt, or the property collapses after these repairs are carried out.

By hiring a professional they will be covered by their insurance and if an accident were to arise they will hold full responsibility for any incidents that may occur.

If the property were to collapse onto public property this can be a very expensive mistake to correct and put right.

If the collapse causes damage to public property, you will not only be responsible for damage you will also be fully responsible to any person that gets hurt, trees, and vehicles that get damaged in the process.

This will be expensive and can not only lead to you being sued but maybe even arrest if you are found to be negligent in getting the repairs done to the correct standard.

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Finances may be a worry when getting repairs done, however, this should be covered to a certain point by your insurance.

This is why you must keep up with your insurance payments. If you are finding it difficult to pay for your insurance then call them, see if you can reduce your payments, and still have some cover till you can pay for full cover again.

If your insurance is paid over ten months they may be able to split the payment into twelve months instead.

Speaking to the insurance company is better than to just ignore payments, many things can occur with a building that may be unavoidable.

If weather makes your foundations move slightly, or something becomes loose, then damage can happen without you noticing for some time.


No matter how tempted you may be to attempt fixing foundation problems it is strongly recommended that you do not.

Hiring a professional will cover you. Legally the last thing you would want to happen is that you become responsible for any accidents that may occur.

Leading to possible financial ruin for you, or causing more damage at more expense to correct.

When money is tight the temptation to do a DIY job on any form of problem in the home may be the first thing that comes to mind. Some jobs in the home or garden may be in your skill level, however will need a qualified tradesman.

Hiring a qualified tradesman is always going to be the better choice, these people have passed exams and their qualifications which is why they are able to undertake such tasks.