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Front Door Color: The Simple Way to Enhance Your Home’s Spring Curb Appeal

With spring on the horizon, there is no better time to update the front of your home to prepare for warmer weather.

Whether updating your home for selling purposes or simply providing more curb appeal, a new front door is an easy but impactful way to improve the look of your home.

image - Front Door Color - The Simple Way to Enhance Your Home’s Spring Curb Appeal
Front Door Color: The Simple Way to Enhance Your Home’s Spring Curb Appeal

Thankfully, it takes longer to decide on the right door style and color than it does to install the door.

Everyone looks for inspiration online, and there is a lot of it! ETO Doors offers a beautiful showcase of customer photos for some inspiration. It is also important to look at the current color of your home and its surroundings.

Read on for a look at what colors and styles are popular for spring.


Just as the earth turns rich with color as the weather warms up, a green front door can look right at home with an earthy landscape.

Rich colors like green, yellow, and deep plum bring a serene and peaceful vibe to your home’s exterior. These colors also go well with other earthy accents – like plants, flowers, or brick and stone textures.

Similar to the idea of “going green”, rich door colors give off the impression that health and wellness (of yourself and the planet) are a priority. There is no better time than spring to consider a front door that plays well with the landscape.


From powder blue to cobalt, a blue front door is perfect for spring and covers many styles. This hue looks great with a wide variety of flowers and greenery.

Blue front doors bring a sense of tranquility and peace – similar to green doors – but with more elegance.

A new season means new inspiration, and blue is the color for imagination and inspiration. A blue door is charming and brings laid-back yet sophisticated curb appeal to any home as spring begins.

Accent the door’s color with flowers, like hydrangeas, and offset the blue color with foliage and other spring accents.


According to Zillow, homes with black or charcoal gray front doors sell for $6,000 more than their expected market rate. Although black has been viewed as strong and authoritative in the past, the modern farmhouse trend has brought black and gray back to the mainstream.

Another great feature of black? It is a timeless color that can last through decades, fitting different trends over time.

Black is simple and sophisticated, so pair a black front door with pops of color near the entryway.  Bold reds and rich greens will complement a strong black door with the colors of spring.

image - Solid Wood
Solid Wood

Solid Wood

The most natural front door choice can be found in a custom-crafted wooden door. Unlike the wooden doors of the past, 25 years of innovation has created wooden doors that are durable and warp-resistant.

Homes with porches or protective overhangs are especially well suited for natural wooden doors. With the proper care, a beautifully crafted wooden door can last the lifetime of your home.

Wooden doors come in over 100 options, from deep mahogany to rustic walnut. Although a natural wood door requires a level of upkeep, it is a small price to pay for a warm spring look that will boost your home’s curb appeal for decades.

A home’s curb appeal is a way of flirting with potential buyers and passersby. A fresh front door with the right style and color will catch everyone’s attention.

With just a few hundred dollars and some inspiration, your home could be the apple of the neighborhood’s eye this spring.

Author Bio:

Tal Hassid, the founder of ETO Doors, is a door and wood expert in the industry for 15 years.  ETO Doors, one of the largest online marketplaces for doors, carries solid wood and fiberglass doors including Interior, Exterior, and French doors.

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