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Solution of Uncomfortable King Size Fitted Sheets

Uncomfortable beddings are one of the main reasons for keeping you up; if you have comfortable and smoother bedding, we are pretty much sure that you will have a sound & comfortable sleep instead of tossing and turning around.

image - Solution of Uncomfortable King Size Fitted Sheets
The solution of Uncomfortable King Size Fitted Sheets

Uncomfortable beds are a result of wrong bedding, and the improper bedding is the apple of discord.

Here we are listing up a few problems that will help you to identify the problem that is the hinder in making comfy and super soft bedding.

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Putting on the Fitted Sheets

Take a close look if it’s due to putting the fitted sheet wrongly. The fitted sheets are meant to cover the mattress and tightly fit on them.

So make sure that the fitted sheets are put in the right way, look if the length side of the fitted sheet is along the length of the curtains, and so is the width.

Because the mattress is in rectangle shape, therefore, the long side of the sheet cannot be fitted to the width side of the mattress.

Therefore, look for the right side carefully and then put on the sheets, if you cannot find the one.

Let’s tell you a trick; there is a tag in one of the corners of the fitted sheet, and that corner is meant to put on the bottom left corner of the mattress.

Just find the tag and put on your fitted sheet right now like a professional.

Pockets Are Not Deep Enough

Pocket depth refers to the thickness of the fitted sheet. Fitted sheets vary in pocket depths, for example, the standard fitted sheets have a range between 7 to 14 inches deep pockets, whereas the deep pockets are about 15 to 16 inches deep.

There comes extra deep fitted sheets as well, which range from 16 to 22 inches.

Likewise, the mattress varies in thickness; if the pockets of your fitted sheet do not match with the thickness of your mattress, it will not fit your mattress no matter what you do.

For example, if you have a king-size fitted sheet and you try to put it on the double bed mattress, the fitted sheet will be larger than the mattress and will not fit.

If you still put it on, it will keep on slipping and will result in wrinkles as well.

The only solution to this problem is to have the precise measurements of your mattress before buying the fitted sheets.

To measure the dimensions of your mattress, remove all of the comforters, blankets, bedding covers, and pillows.

If you are using any mattress pad or top leave it over the mattress, then by using a measuring tape measure the thickness from the top seam to the bottom seam.

If the mattress seems to have an extra height of is fluffier, then add 2 to 3 cm to your measured height.

Keep on measuring and measure the length of the mattress from the head side of the bed to the foot side and in the end, measure the width from left to add. Not all the measurements and get ready for shopping the fitted sheet.

Low Quality Fitted Sheets

Low-quality sheets appear rough and make your bed feel rough too. These sheets do not feel smooth and soft when touched, so pay attention to the quality of the sheets because it’s the quality of the sheets that decides the quality of your sleep.

Here’s the easy solution to this problem, always go for natural cotton fitted sheets because they are soft, smooth, durable, breathable, stain-resistant, & moisture absorbing.

The cotton sheets are best keeping you dry at night if you are a sweaty sleeper.

The cotton fitted sheets are machine washable, and they get every time they are washed.

Look for the quality of thread rather than thread count, a high count is important, but the quality of the thread is more important.

Go for the sheets made from Pima, Supima, Egyptian cotton, & long-staple fibres.

Always wash your fitted sheets regularly like the bedding covers to maintain their quality. Dirty sheets feel unpleasant, ruin the quality of the fabric material, and disturb the sleep.

Therefore, use three to four fitted sheet sets in rotation, put one of them on bed & other two washed and cleaned in line and ready to replace the present sheet on the bed.

Over-washing the Sheets

Over-washing can lead to fabric damage. The sheets often pill when you wash them frequently or wrongly.

For instance, if you have a small washing machine & you are supposed to wash your king size fitted sheet.

You put your sheet into the washing machine, which is smaller in size, it will lead to the fabric damage, which will result in unsmooth sheets.

Similarly, a harsh detergent, hot water, over-drying, and drying the sheets with towels can damage the sheets.

Of course, the hot water kills the germs and help in easy cleaning of stains, but it weakens the fibres of the sheets and pulls them, which gradually deteriorate the sheet.

So always prefer using a mild detergent, lukewarm water, no bleaching agent, and no softener for cleaning the sheets. Wash the sheets every 14 days.

Do Not Waste Time on Ironing the Fitted  Sheets

This is probably the million-dollar advice, do not spend your time on ironing the sheets. We know that wrinkle sheets look like a mess & result in rough bedding.

But you can avoid the wrinkles instead of ironing them and wasting both your energy and money. We recommend you to put on the sheets when they are just taken out of the dryer machine and are still hot.

Wrinkled bedding is in trend nowadays so embrace the wrinkled sheets, and you can create beautiful creases on your sheets by twisting them when they are wet and then put them into the dryer.

Store the dry sheets in twisted form and open only when you want to lay them on the bed. These natural wrinkles look functional and fashionable.

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