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Quilt, Comforter, Duvet or Bedspread, What’s The Difference?

If you have visited the bed and bath section of any supermarket or store, rows and rows of bedding materials spread before you to choose from is probably a common sight you have encountered many times in your life.

And while the thought of snuggling up in your bed with any of those warm, fluffy things might seem like a tempting idea, it is necessary for you to know which one is which and where exactly they are different if you want to choose the right thing for you.

image - Quilt, Comforter, Duvet or Bedspread, What's The Difference
Quilt, Comforter, Duvet or Bedspread, What’s The Difference?

This blog is dedicated to whisking away all your confusion so, at the end of it, you know exactly what a quilt is, what makes a comforter and how they are all different from duvets and bedspreads.

Read on to know more about them and find the things that suit you and your needs to the T.

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The word itself is enough to make you take a trip down the nostalgia lane as the making of a quilt has essentially become an art form with its own, distinctive style.

Traditionally, a quilt is characterized by the three layers it has – the top layer, the middle padding, and the bottom layer. The top layer is made up of multicolored patches of fabric sewn together and often has a theme or a complex pattern represented on it.

The padding in the middle is mainly wool or feathers (down) and acts as the main insulator, and the layer on the very bottom is usually made of a thick piece of fabric.

Different kinds of sewing patterns are used in the making of a quilt, especially the double wedding ring, the flying geese, etc, but nowadays cheaper quilts made by machines use simple, minimalistic designs as well. Quilts are mostly suited for summers or light to moderate winters.

You can even make a quilt out of your old clothes. If you want to know how much does a t-shirt quilt cost then check out Project Repat for more info.


Comforters are mostly used as thick coverlets filled with synthetic fleece or down. The stitching is not ornamental and is used for the sake of keeping the padding materials together.

How warm a comforter is will depend on the type and amount of filling it has and thus can serve to protect you in moderate winters well.

They are an amazing option if you want variety in terms of color, filling materials, and patterns or are on a budget.


Duvets are quite similar to comforters in terms of their structure and the kind of materials used as the filling. Typically, duvets are all white and packed down with a fabric cover that can be opened on the sides.

It is a popular bedding option in European countries and suits minimalistic, sleek decors the most. They are also lightweight and easy to wash and coupled with a blanket or two, can battle even a harsh winter cold all on its own!


Unlike the bedding materials listed above, a bedspread is mostly used for its decorative purposes instead of warmth. Bedspreads are mostly large enough to cover the whole bed right down to the bottom and can sometimes cover even pillows.

They can be flashy and colorful, or muted and simplistic, depending on your choice. Mainly, materials like silk, linen, and corduroys are used for their manufacture. Bedspreads are light enough to be used in summers and are easily washable and portable too.

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