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Behind the Sheets: 5 Ways That Will Make You Have the Most Romantic Bedroom

How to Make a Romantic Bedroom — Are you having a hard time trying to fix your relationship which currently seems to be crashing down? Why not start saving your marriage inside the bedroom? Some couples struggle to maintain physical intimacy even after just months of being in the relationship.

IMG - 5 Ways How to Make a Romantic Bedroom

5 Ways How to Make a Romantic Bedroom

However, your relationship should not end in ruins just because of the lack of romance that you should give to each other.

How to Make a Romantic Bedroom

Getting a bed and lying there with your partner is not enough. Spice up your relationship with these simple tips on how to make a romantic bedroom that will help you recreate the most romantic bedroom for you and your partner.

A Room With a Romantic Scent

Love is in the air. Use your sense of smell and complete your mood for a lovely evening with your partner inside a perfect bedroom for romance.

According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell and Taste Research Foundation, first impressions to a large degree comes from our sense of smell. So instead of talking about love at first sight, we should say ‘love at first sniff.’

Set up your romantic night with ideal fragrances like lavender, ylang-ylang, and orange. You can buy scented candles in your local store or online with a lavender scent, which is best to release muscle tension. Ylang-ylang scent is best for its aphrodisiac effects. Meanwhile, the Orange fragrance is famous for arousal and stimulating moods since the time of ancient Egyptians.

If you cannot afford to buy one, there are a lot of online tutorials out there about how to make ideal home fragrance oils so feel free to check it out. You do not have to buy expensive candles and diffusers when you can make it at home.

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Spend Time for Pillow Talk

Perhaps your relationship is going downhill because you both have a lesser time to spend for your heart to heart conversations. You might feel that your partner is just tired from work, so you just let the both of you go to bed in peaceful silence. It is good that you understand his moods, but maybe you should take the first step if you do not want your connection to vanish forever.

How to Make a Romantic Bedroom: Spend Time for Pillow Talk

How to Make a Romantic Bedroom: Spend Time for Pillow Talk

Lying in a comfortable bed that you both got from some reputable sites like Beds Online, is not enough to end the day. Ask your partner about his day at work, or perhaps what food he wants you to cook for the next morning. Initiate a physical intimacy to your partner by showing your affection with sweet cuddles, caresses, and kisses. Open up and express your love and appreciation through telling stories, confessions and playful humor.

Do not just let your bedroom fall silent after your s3xu@l activity. Pillow talk causes the brain to release hormones called oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ which helps reduce stress, blood pressure, and cortisol levels.

According to Dr. Arun Ghosh, a GP specializing in s3xu@l health at the Spire Liverpool Hospital, these hormones can lower defenses and make us trust people more. So make time for pillow talk and just let trust and love grow.

No Kids Allowed

You and your partner deserve some privacy even after having kids. If they are still babies, then it is needed that you keep them near you. However, it will be different when your children are already grown-ups or in their teenage years.

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Gently but firmly, tell them to go to their bedrooms when they want to stay in yours. Manage to transition them to their rooms so that you can also enjoy a private moment with your husband or wife. It is especially hard to be romantic with your partner when you have your kids in your bedroom.

Keep Those Romantic Times

If you are having a hard time choosing the right decorations for your bedroom and you do not know if your partner will like it, you can use the photos of your sweet moments together.

How to Make a Romantic Bedroom: Keep Those Romantic Times

How to Make a Romantic Bedroom: Keep Those Romantic Times

Pick the pictures where you are happily in love with each other and place them in photo frames. Place them on your bedside table or beside the lamp so that your husband or wife can see it before going to bed. You can also find some space on the wall where you can hang or attach your photos and frames.


Maintaining intimacy in a relationship is simple but not easy. The rule is to keep a life that makes you and your partner happy whether in best or worst situations. However, life does not necessarily go that way. That is why relationships require long-suffering and extra efforts to make it work.

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