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8 Tips to Have the Best Modern-Day Bedroom

After long and tiring hours of hustling, our bedrooms become our safest havens and the most pleasant thing in the world. Either being an adult, a teen, or even being a child, nothing beats than having a clean, peaceful, and comfy bedroom to help us ‘call it a day’, though sometimes bedrooms don’t necessarily mean sleep or rest.

image - 8 Tips to Have the Best Modern-Day Bedroom
8 Tips to Have the Best Modern-Day Bedroom

While bedrooms can look different for each and every home, loads and loads of ideas in designing modern-day bedrooms can be found across the internet and in print media.

Furniture and home decor establishments like Stephanie Cohen Home Furniture provide you the best furniture and bedroom decors for almost every feel or motif you’d like.

And while you make the best efforts to make your bedrooms become a better place for sleep at night, here are 8 tips your bedroom can become the best and one of the modern ones.

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Choose Calm Colors

Whether from furniture, decors, wallpaper, curtains, bedsheets, and pillowcases, choosing calmer colors over vivid ones is what modern-day bedrooms have. This not only helps the overall ambiance become subtle, but they also improve your mood and reduce your stress levels.

We always have our preferred or favorite color besides just having the usual white one. You can always contrast existing colors inside your room with other soft colors. Having soothing color palettes is one of the important elements in a modern bedroom.

And since we hustle with modern life to survive, choosing calmer colors can help you relax and heal all at the same time. Trust us; you wouldn’t want striking vivid colors that are painful in the eyes.

image - Bedroom - Choose Calm Colors

Allow Natural Lighting

We all want to save from spending too much on electricity, especially in keeping our bedrooms well lit. Modern bedrooms allow natural sunlight to radiate all over its corners without the need of having more light bulbs to light the place during the daytime. The good news is, you only have to open your windows and tie those curtains.

There are numerous physical and mental health benefits of a well lit home and bedroom. So the next time you keep your bedroom dim, make the best out of it and get some sunshine!

Use the ‘Magic’ of Mirrors

As you may not know, mirrors bring in the illusion of having more space and having more light inside your room, that’s why most modern bedrooms have mirrors not only for vanity purposes but for the whole vanity of the bedroom as well.

There are a lot of superstitious beliefs about what to put and what not to put inside bedrooms, especially mirrors. But hey, it wouldn’t be a bother if it’s making the best out of your bed space, right?

Be Minimalistic

There is no other perfect room than your bedroom which you can make haven-of with uncomplicated serenity. Your bedroom is a sanctuary, and decluttering unnecessary stuff can help you achieve a simpler and peaceful look like most modern bedrooms.

Not just the general home design, but your bedroom can also be minimalistic, Choosing only the furniture and decors you need most to give ample space can become the most simple and most beautiful thing your modern bedroom can experience.

If you are having a hard time looking for the best furniture, you can try checking out reliable online stores and websites that offer a lot of decor and furniture you can choose from. Decorating your modern bedroom is totally up to you!

Utilize Storages

Modern bedrooms are now much focused on how to store stuff in your bedroom no matter how big or small they are. Modern beds with drawers underneath can store your clothes, shoes, and other important things. You can also invest in big wardrobes or closets to put all your things in one place.

Floating shelves can also do the work of storing things that you may have to use frequently. Make sure your bedroom furniture and decor provider can supply you with these options, like Stephanie Cohen Home Furniture.

Use Organizers

Also in utilizing storage, using organizers is one of the essentials in a modern bedroom. Aside from wearables to store, your books, DVDs, gadgets, paperwork, and the like need a place to stay in your bedroom, without it scattering around. They can also fit in storages like under the bed drawers, or in big closets.

Make Room for Plants

There are a lot of plants you can use for your bedroom. Its primary benefits are regulating oxygen and healthy air into your home and your bedroom. In most modern bedrooms, plants can be seen hanging or placed in pots near windows or where air naturally flows.

Obviously, plants also give you an earthy, lively, and healthy bedroom look. Plants can also help you sleep better, filter bad air from entering your bedroom, reduce outside noise, and probably can swing left and right when you dance in your bedroom all alone.

Consider Your Health Requirements

Aesthetics and your bedroom aesthetics are important. However, you should also pay attention to the comfort and health factors also. This means selecting the best mattress that will help you sleep. Mattresses also have a positive impact on your spinal cord, back muscles, and can help in solving many back and pain related issues.

Go for a mattress, which not only looks good but also has some functional utility. This will enable you to keep yourself safe from any health issues. You can learn more about how mattresses can be beneficial for a range of health concerns.


And no matter how you’d want to keep your bedroom in a modern design, personalizing your sanctuary to your own liking will always be the bottom line. Never be afraid of making a statement even in designing your bedroom.

Whether it is choosing the right furniture or bedroom decor that you have always wanted, your design will totally be up to you! So don’t be afraid to unleash that inner artist in you. Modern bedroom designs vary among bedroom owners, and it’s always important to have that personal touch.

Stephanie Cohen Home Furniture is lead by award-winning interior designer Stephanie Cohen. She believes that the key to great design is to stay current and at the same time classic.  When you look at her designs, you’ll notice her uniqueness in creating a space that is on-trend and can stand the test of time.

Stephanie Cohen knows that in order to create a true and pure design, you need to establish a good relationship with the person, not the pieces.  The space you live in must reflect who you are since you are living your life in it.

And lastly, if you need the best furniture and decor for your modern bedroom make sure to consult with experts.

Author Bio:

Stephanie Cohen – A native of New York, Stephanie Cohen has lived Interior Design for most of her adult life.  After graduating from the prestigious Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design, Stephanie embarked on a career in residential and commercial design.  A world traveller, Stephanie has drawn inspiration and influence from a diverse group of cultures and countries.  Her style has been described as clean with an opulent flair.

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