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The Great Bedroom Debate: Modern Ceiling Fans vs. Light Fixtures

Are you planning on redecorating your bedroom? Are you torn between installing modern ceiling fans and regular light fixtures? Before you decide, here’s a quick guide on how to choose and what to consider when you shop for one.

image - The Great Bedroom Debate Modern Ceiling Fans vs. Light Fixtures
The Great Bedroom Debate Modern Ceiling Fans vs. Light Fixtures

Should You Get a Ceiling Fan or Light Fixture?

Deciding on getting a ceiling fan vs. a light fixture for your bedroom can be tricky. It’s especially challenging if you and your partner don’t agree with your preferences.

To help you out, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of having a ceiling fan and light fixture in the room below.

Let’s start with ceiling fans. A dark, cool, and quiet bedroom is the ideal sleeping environment. However, did you know that ceiling fans’ generators can add heat to the room?

Ceiling fans only cool you when the air moves over your skin. However, if nobody’s in the room, then nobody’s getting cooled. Plus, a fan is only as effective as its airflow efficiency.

If you’re more inclined to pick overhead lighting, you won’t get the air circulation that fans offer. A big advantage is that you can find ceiling lights that can add to the bedroom aesthetic.

For example, chandeliers are popular choices because they add flair to the room.

If you still can’t decide on one, then try putting the two together. Look for ceiling fans with lights. This way, you enjoy the perks of having both.

Finding the Best Modern Ceiling Fans for Your Bedroom

If you’ve decided that you want a ceiling fan in the bedroom, here’s how to pick the best one. Look for modern ceiling fans with longer blades. Often, bigger ceiling fans have the highest efficacies.

When you use your ceiling fan, you’d also want to keep it running at a low speed. Lower speeds are more efficient. You’ll get more airflow cubic feet per minute per what than on high.

The average electricity consumption of a US household in a year was 10,649 kWh or 877 kWh per month. If you’re going for energy efficiency, don’t bother buying a ceiling fan if you already have air conditioning.

The ceiling fan won’t help much in distributing the cool air because the AC already does that.

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Buying the Right Light Fixtures for Bedrooms

What if you and your partner want a ceiling fixture? First, focus on the light fixture’s energy efficiency. The most energy-efficient lighting choices are halogen incandescent lights, CFLs, and LEDs.

Does your bedroom have enough layers of lighting? Look for the proper light fixtures for accent lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting. You need all three types to make a majestic and relaxing bedroom.

Look for the right electrical supply store. It’ll have some energy-efficient yet stylish choices for your bedroom lighting. They’ll also help you figure out what kind of lighting you need or are looking for.

Find the Right Fixture for Your Bedroom

Whether you decide on installing modern ceiling fans or light fixtures, you need to know what you need. Your bedroom may already have a floor fan or AC.

If so, you don’t need a ceiling fan. The same applies if your bedroom is already too bright, but you want another lighting fixture.

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