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An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Light for Your Dining Room

The dining room is not only a place for meals but also a place that you can perform some specific tasks.  So the lighting in the dining is as very important as the dining table itself.

If you haven’t noticed yet, lighting can improve the general appearance and also setting cozy vibes. This also means that poor choice of lighting can hurt even the general look and feel of the house.

image - An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Light for Your Dining Room
An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Light for Your Dining Room

Choosing the right light is all about ambient and quality. Sometimes you can blend different styles so that you can get very detailed lighting.

For example, if you have a chandelier at the center, you can use small-sized pendant bulbs on the ends to concentrates lights. This is because focal point fixtures may not illuminate the edges well.

You don’t have to worry because we have got everything figured out for you. We have done some thorough research and put together an easy guide that you can follow when choosing a light for your dining room.

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  1. Choose Your Best Shape and the Right Size

If you have a small-sized room, you should go for minimalist design lighting. A big light will make your dining room appear a bit smaller. Conversely, a minimalist style lighting fixture will make your room appear to be big.

Also, when it comes to shapes, round-shaped fixtures such as pendants match better. If you want a cluster of pendants fixtures then make sure that they are the same shape as the dining table.

Choose an average-sized fixture for your dining table. Too big or very small sized fixtures might appear awkward. Shaping is a very critical design feature when it comes to choosing the right fixture for your house.

The good thumb rule is a fixture that is about a half size in a width of the table up to three quarters. For a long dining table, try installing two lighting fixtures side by side so that the row can look even.

Also, the dining row will look more proportionally impressive and well organized. For small spaces just try using only one fixture at the center.

  1. Style

Style is a very important aspect of a lighting fixture in the dining room. For example, pendant lights are the best to use on an open floor. This is because the can create a focal point in the dining area.

Another best reason to choose pendant lighting is that they make the dining room unique from the other communal spaces.

Layered light style is best when applied in multipurpose dining rooms.  Additionally, you can couple a statement fixture with a track or recessed lights or wall scones to provide more versatility and illumination.

You can consider other options for lighting the dining room apart from convectional pendants.

  1. Budget

If you want a quality lighting fixture then you should consider saving some good cash for it. For example, classic chandeliers with crystals can be very expensive. However, this does not mean that budget lighting fixtures are bad.

You can browse various designs and prices from this site.

  1. The Hanging Height is Critical

You need to hang your fixture high enough to avoid bumping it with your head. At least a 30-40cm allowance between where you are seating and the edge of the fixture above you.

Also, the most recommended height of hanging the fixtures is 75cm from the dining table to the ceiling.

The height can also determine the style of fixture that you are going to use. This is because the style fixtures can be favorable heights while others are not.

Also, the mood that you are trying to convey can determine the height that you can set your lighting fixture. For example, it is good to hang your pendant lighting lower so that you can create an intimate mood.

  1. Take Note of the Brightness Level

Led lights are the best to use in the dining rooms. This is because they last a lot longer and are more energy-efficient than compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs. Lumens determine the brightness level of an LED bulb.

You will need to measure and calculate the size of the table so that you can illuminate it sufficiently. One square foot can be illuminated by approximately 30 lumens.

500-600 lumens of a led are enough to light a dining table. However, if you have a much dull color then you should try more lumens because absorb more light.

  1. Where to Buy

You can buy lighting fixtures for your dining room from so many places. For example, Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and so many other offline shops. However, you should look for a trusted dealer that will send you quality lighting fixtures.

If you buy fake fixtures then your dining room will not be very attractive as it is supposed to be. In short, it’s very hard to buy a quality fixture from the wrong store.

When most people are buying the same design lighting fixture, you should try buying something unique. The dining room is one of the most essential rooms in the house and it should feature the best

Classic fixtures are good to use for people that are looking for medieval lighting. Additionally, this kind of design is always cheap. If you want a nice modern look then go for the LEDs. These bulbs are energy-saving and yet very efficient as far as light quality is concerned.

  1. Installation

If you live in a small apartment you can buy a lighting fixture that is easy to install. This way you will not need to call an expert to do it for you every time you move to a new house.

Also if you don’t have the money to pay for experts, you can buy a lighting fixture that is easy to install by yourself.

Very complex lighting fixtures require an extra hand during installation. This can be costly but the fixtures have very unique fixtures and also very strong quality.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to light for the dining room is very easy as long as you know the features that you should consider. For instance, the shape and size alone need to be picked carefully.

Using the wrong size or shape can make your dining room appear messy. Another important thing that you should consider is the style and also the brightness level. You want to make sure that all the corners of the dining room receive enough lighting.

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