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Easy Centerpiece Ideas to Enhance Your Dining Area

Is your dining area lacking a little something? It’s easy to be less than thrilled with this area of your apartment, as you may not have given it much thought before.

But the dining areas of our homes have evolved to be more than just the places we gather for meals. Sometimes we work at our dining tables. Maybe it’s where we look through the mail and pay our bills. It can be the place where you check over your kids’ homework.

image - How to Enhance Your Dining Area with Centerpieces
How to Enhance Your Dining Area with Centerpieces

As our dining areas gain more prominence in our lives, so should how we decorate them! And adding a beautiful and unique centerpiece is a simple and memorable way to do so.

Here are the easy centerpiece ideas to enhance your dining area.

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Pendant Light

Pendant lights are a hanging light fixture that can make a dramatic addition to your dining area. They generally have at least two bulbs, and sometimes several, making them a superb choice when you want a lot of eye-catching light.

Hanging a rustic pendant light like this one is a simple way to brighten your dining space, literally and figuratively. It would look stunning above a dining table with a more modern style (more on that ahead!).

A pendant light can also match your existing decor or help you start a new decor trend that you can repeat throughout your apartment.

Floating Shelves

Adding floating shelves to your walls near your dining table is ideal for both form and function. What’s great about floating shelving is that you do not see the hardware used to install them. All you see is beautiful shelving and the items it’s supporting.

Floating shelves are an easy way to add a touch of pizzazz to your dining space while also providing storage. Place your coffee mugs, wine glasses, wine bottles, and other dining accessories on the shelving to keep them handy.

Or, you can use the shelving to display picture frames, family heirlooms, and other showpieces.

Industrial Dining Table

An industrial style dining table can blend in with your existing style easily. They are sleek, typically well made, and can really pull different aspects of your dining area together.

A counter height dining table like this attracts the eye and is a simple way to elevate your dining space. Its wooden tabletop and steel leg design allows it to blend effortlessly with dining chairs and surrounding decor pieces.

Be sure you consider the size of your dining area before buying a dining table. It doesn’t make much sense to buy a massive dining table for a small dining room!

Oversized Florals

Adding a floral centerpiece to your dining table is a classic way to breathe new life into the space. An oversized arrangement will demand attention and is a smart way to add both color and flair.

Not a fan of faux flowers? You can also opt to buy live flowers and a nifty stoneware vase that is equally beautiful.

You can also change out the arrangement, of either live or faux flowers, depending on the season, to keep the look fresh.

…Or Topiaries

Realistic topiaries make a more surprising dining table centerpiece. They absolutely work because they add beautiful, natural green hues that are hard to replicate outside of nature.

Boxwood topiaries are especially impressive. Particularly when grouped together on the top of a more spacious dining table.

If you’ve been looking for ways to add a touch of the outdoors to your apartment, this can be an easy way to do it!

Pronounced Artworks

Adorning the walls near your dining table with oversized art is another way to enhance the room. And if you add art that speaks to the function of the room, as in the space where you gather and eat, all the better!

You often see pronounced artwork such as this in restaurants, but it’s also a style you can bring into your apartment. It provides a little nod and wink to the delicacies you enjoy when spending time there.

Dramatic Vases and Urns

Vases and urns? Yes, seriously! A vase and urn set doesn’t necessarily have to serve a function; they can just be unexpected decorative pieces.

It’s crucial to have urn and vase centerpieces that do not clash, which is why buying a set is your best bet. Adding a colorful selection of urns and vases of different shapes and sizes makes for a stunning and unique centerpiece.

A Final Tip

For all the centerpieces mentioned, be sure to consider scale. You don’t want to have several large decorative pieces crammed into the center of your small dining table.

Consider the overall size of your dining space before you purchase furnishings and centerpieces for the room. While many of the centerpieces mentioned are oversized and dramatic, you should strive to create a sense of balance.

If you don’t, what started as centerpieces to enhance your dining area may overpower it. Turning eye-catching accents into total eyesores!


Using decorative centerpieces to enhance your dining area doesn’t have to be complicated.

Updating your dining area is as simple as adding:

  • pendant lights
  • floating shelves
  • an industrial dining table
  • oversized florals
  • topiaries
  • artwork
  • or dramatic vases and urns.

You don’t have to choose more than one of these ideas, of course. Pick whichever you feel will easily assimilate into your apartment-style and your budget. Just make sure you consider scale with every piece you add to the space.

It will be worth all the online browsing you put in to score unique finds that speak to you once you see how amazing your enhanced dining area looks.

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