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Trends for Glass Dining Tables You Might Have Missed

A place for your dinner parties… A place where you cozy up with your beau for a romantic meal… A place where your entire family comes together for fun, frolic, and food.

Who knew that a humble dining table would end up being such a significant part of your home and life! The wrong table can make your dining space feel cramped and uninviting.

image - Trends for Glass Dining Tables You Might Have Missed
Trends for Glass Dining Tables You Might Have Missed

But a modern glass dining table – one with minimalistic accents and contrasting colored chairs, can add a sophisticated flair to the room that is completely unmatchable.

So get set to dive headfirst into the world of glass dining tables as you explore all the latest trends and designs to choose from to add creative drama and spice to your mealtime.

Trends for Glass Dining Room Table Sets – Ideas You Just Have to Know About!

1. A Touch of The Bohemian

Imagine a glass dining room table set with mismatched chairs in a variety of colors and patterns… the idea just screams of coziness and ease, doesn’t it? You can use such a combo to bring that Boho-Chic feels into your dining space that is all the rave these days.

And not just the colors of the chairs – you can even play with shapes and chair back patterns or simply go for a glass table with a Bohemian style base that will bring your entire kitchen alive with the colors of comfort.

2. Round Upscale Sophistication

Somehow round glass dining tables never end up getting the attention they deserve. But homeowners who have the free space available for it will find that a Round glass table is just what they needed to complete the look of the place.

Glass lends its own kind of style to the room and the round shape makes the table more accessible, versatile, and spacious.

Plus, there is the added novelty factor with this design – not many people have the guts to actually pull off a round table look in their dining space!

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3. The Bold and Beautiful

Dining rooms with neutral tones will definitely benefit from the added drama of bright and bold colors.

You can choose a plain contemporary glass dining table with lively colored chairs in lime green or turquoise.

Or you can choose a stained glass table with a contrasting base color to draw attention and make your table stand out.

Those who like a bit of adventure in their living space will love to try their hands on these combos.

4. The Small Fam Jam

Modern glass dining tables can be very versatile, especially if you consider using them in small rooms where space is limited and congestion is an issue.

The transparency of glass provides a feel of airiness to the room. And going for a smaller-sized table with just four chairs for your close family is a great trick to extract more functionality from limited means.

A simple table paired with four chairs in bold colors like red or black can be the perfect addition to your small apartment.

5. Benched Elegance

The latest trend in the world of home décor is benches – adding one to your glass dining room table set can completely change the way your eating space is portrayed.

Select a table with an ornate and catchy base which you can then show off by placing an elegant and trendy bench on the viewing side.

The more muted the bench, the more attention it will throw onto the table itself.

image - Benched Elegance

6. Black on Black

Some colors just never go out of style. A black smoked glass table paired with a black metal base and black leather chairs to match – oh my my! The Black-on-Black contrast is edgy, fun, and always in trend.

The neutral yet bold statement that this contemporary glass dining table makes is enough to completely transform the look and feel of your dining room.

7. Extendable Design

All of us have days when the space in our home just isn’t enough for the gathering we have planned.

Imagine having a glass dining table that can expand to accommodate all your dinner guests together and then shrink down to its normal, compact size to give you the roomy dining room you so love and adore.

image - Extendable Design

Go ahead – make a bold statement and step out of the usual with modern glass dining tables in exceptionally trendy designs. You will definitely love having one of these in your home.