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3 Great Tips on How to Pick the Right Dumpster

Be it for a construction site, remodel, roof, or window replacement, most of us have to rent a dumpster to help with the cleanup. A dumpster is a large container designed to hold and transport rubbish, larger items, and construction waste.

image - 3 Great Tips on How to Pick the Right Dumpster
3 Great Tips on How to Pick the Right Dumpster

Typically, it is not hired for removing regular trash. Moreover, dumpsters come in multiple sizes to choose from according to their needs. Currently, there are dozens of dumpster service providers operating which makes the hunt even more difficult. Precision disposal Dumpster Rental company is a Roll off Dumpster Rental Company that puts clients first.

Most people have no clue on how to pick the right dumpster, familiarizing yourself with different dumpster options and the rental process makes the selection less intimidating.

3 Great Tips on How to Pick the Right Dumpster

Frankly, it is not hard to find dumpster rental services, however, picking the right dumpster from a bunch of options can get overwhelming. It is best to investigate the company by reading reviews or asking friends and acquaintances who have acquired the services previously.

Before beginning your dumpster search, know what kind of rubbish you want to dispose of to choose a suitable type. Dumpsters come in a variety of types and sizes, ask the services for guidance in this regard. Here are 3 useful tips on how to pick the right dumpster

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Dumpster Size Matters

The most important thing is to determine the right dumpster size before hiring one. The bigger the dumpster, the more you have to pay for it. Therefore, it makes no sense to pay more for only a half-filled dumpster.

Ordering a wrong-sized dumpster is a common occurrence, avoid it by knowing about a variety of dumpster sizes.

  • 20 Yards Dumpster – As the name implies, they hold 20 cubic yards of trash, equivalent to 6 pickup trucks full of debris. A dumpster of this size is suitable for medium-sized remodeling and construction projects.
  • 30 Yards Dumpster – It is usually hired for commercial purposes or major home improvement projects. It transports 30 cubic yards of garbage which equals about 9 pickup trucks full of debris. I always avail dumpster rental in Tampa for ease.
  • 40 Yards Dumpster – Used more for commercial and industrial purposes, they carry 40 cubic yards of material equivalent to 12 pickup trucks full of debris.

The Rubbish you are Tossing Out

Another important consideration is the type of waste you intend to toss out. Not all companies provide services to dispose of hazardous waste.

Most service providers inquire about the type of waste and most dumpster rentals will not allow to mix gravel and construction waste.

Compare Prices

Today, several dumpster rental services are operating, therefore, there is no shortage, so shop around. Prices vary from one rental company to another, therefore, it is best to get quotes from multiple companies.

Research the at least top 5 nearby dumpster rental companies and see how much they are charging for the services. Moreover, ask for any additional expenses, for instance, tipping fees, fuel surcharges, late fees, and overage charges.

However, price should not be the determining factor, hire a company on the basis of the quality of services, reputation, and customer support.