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Withstanding the Cold: Is It Possible to Grow Vegetables During the Winter Season?

There’s quite like growing your own vegetables. While the work can be hard and difficult, it’s a great way to keep fit and healthy, get in some much-needed exercise, and, best of all, you get to enjoy some of the most amazingly fresh vegetables you can imagine!

However, while many of us think about growing and planting your veg throughout the spring and summer months when the sun is shining, and our fingers are green, is it possible to grow veg through the colder, darker winter months?

Grow Vegetables During the Winter Season
Vegetable Garden in Winter

After all, you’ve still got to eat and maintain the habit. Today, with all this in mind, we’re going to explore whether it’s possible to grow vegetables throughout the winter months, or whether you’re stuck to growing during the warmer times of the year.

Is It Possible to Grow Vegetables During the Winter Season?

To cut a long story short, of course, yes, it’s possible to grow your vegetables through the winter months, but it takes a bit of hard work and preparation to make sure you get it right. This includes getting the equipment you need, the set up ready, and then choosing the right vegetables to grow.

Below, we’re going to explore all aspects.

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Get a Greenhouse

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to get yourself a greenhouse or polytunnel. These can be made of glass or plastic and come in any shape and size that’s designed to fit the space you’ve got to work with.

Having a greenhouse can be incredibly beneficial because it can keep in the heat, which helps your vegetables to thrive, and prevents the effects of winter, such as ice, snow, and frost, from damaging and potentially killing your plants.

Make sure you’re properly insulating your greenhouse, and you’ve got the right equipment installed. Depending on where you are in the world, you might even need heating equipment to keep things warm, in which cases you’ll need these Gavita lights to help.

Pick the Right Crops

Do you think pineapples and bananas can grow in Arctic conditions, because if you do, then you’d be wrong? When growing vegetables in winter, you need to make sure you’re growing the hardy vegetables that have a chance of surviving to maximize your yield.

Think of hardy vegetable plants like collards, carrots, spinach, and parsnips, among many more, which are all proven to be able to survive some of the icy conditions. By working with your vegetables on a seasonal level, you’ll be able to

maximize harvest and make the most of each time of year.

Think About Light!

A final point you’ll need to think about is making sure your plants get enough light to survive. Of course, plants need light to grow, but there’s considerably less of it during the winter months, so you may need to get yourself some to see your vegetables through.


As you can see, growing vegetables during the winter months don’t have to be as hard or as impossible as it sounds, you just need to make sure you’ve got the right equipment and you’re prepared, helping you get ahead, and then stay ahead!

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