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Your New Place: A Guide to Furnishing an Apartment on a Budget

The average cost of rent in the U.S. as of 2017 is $1,500. You may think this amount is manageable until you realize you need furnishings as well.

Finding the perfect apartment is just your first step to making a home. Next, you need to fill it with the things that make it functional and comfortable.

image - A Guide to Furnishing an Apartment on a Budget
A Guide to Furnishing an Apartment on a Budget

Luckily, we’ve made furnishing an apartment simple with this guide. Read on to find out how.

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Make a Budget

The last thing you need while furnishing a new apartment is to run out of money without finishing your shopping list. You could be left without a bed or cookware if you don’t first make a budget.

Write down everything you need and their estimated cost. Keep in mind that you will forget several important items, so add a miscellaneous category to account for missing essential furnishings.

Choose Necessities First

When furnishing an apartment on a budget you want to begin with the products and furniture pieces that are required for living. This means putting off the decorations and accessories for last.

Categorize your needs based on function. For example, you need to sleep, eat, bath, and work. Look at your list to see which items fulfill these needs.

You also want to choose products that offer only the basics. Avoids packs of twelve when you only need one.

Find Quality Second-Hand Pieces

You may have found a brand new apartment at Daroapartments.com, but your furnishings don’t have to come fresh out of the box.

When furniture shopping, quality pieces can be found at yard sales and used furniture stores. Many items come refurbished and look like new but sell for a fracture of the price.

The great part about buying used items, especially from individual dealers, is that you can negotiate the price to go well below your budget. This will expand your cash for the things that didn’t make the cut or are purely aesthetic.

Compare Prices Online

If you prefer brand new products then do your homework by browsing several stores online. Many retailers offer price matching, so you can be sure that you buy the cheapest product on the market.

Also, look for off-brand replicas that have an excellent reputation without the designer’s price tag.

Consider Dual-function Furniture

When furnishing a small apartment, you want to save space wherever possible. A great way to do this is to buy multi-functional furniture.

A coffee table can double as a desk or kitchen table if it extends. Or your bed can also serve as a couch with some fancy folding.

Also, think about storage by buying furniture that includes drawers and cabinets.

DIY Designing

Not all apartment decor has to come from a gallery or expensive department store. Save money by making your own art. Think out of the box by making unconventional items like flatware and old magazine covers into wall art and centerpieces.

You can look at yard sales and thrift stores for decor that looks pricey but won’t break your budget.

Having Fun While Furnishing an Apartment

The best part about furnishing an apartment is that you transform a blank canvass into a place you call home. Make it fun and exciting by showing your personality in the pieces you buy.

Once you buy everything you need be sure to check our Organize section to arrange furniture and decor to make your apartment pleasant and practical.