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8 Helpful Tips for Furnishing an Apartment (On the Cheap)

Did you know the global home decor industry was worth $616.6 billion in 2019?

Moving to a new apartment is an exciting and fun experience. However, it can be pretty pricey. On top of your deposit, rent, utility bills, and moving costs, you also have to consider the cost of apartment furniture.

image - 8 Helpful Tips for Furnishing an Apartment (On the Cheap)
8 Helpful Tips for Furnishing an Apartment (On the Cheap)

Furnishing an apartment doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. By budgeting your home decor, you’ll have more money to explore your surroundings and enjoy everything your new city has to offer.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a guide on how to make your apartment look great without breaking the bank. Read on for eight helpful tips for furnishing an apartment on a budget.

1. Be Thrifty

New, high-end apartment furniture is not always easy to find at an affordable price. Thrifty tenants know that you can get great deals on used furniture instead.

Many places offer quality used and restored furniture to fit any budget. You might even be able to get some free furniture from friends and family.

Check out local thrift stores and garage sales, as well as classified ads from your local news outlet.

If you know what to look for, you can find amazing deals on sturdy, well-made furniture and upholstery. You could even find a few valuable antique items in your local thrift store.

2. Check out Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces and selling apps are also excellent places to find household and apartment furniture deals. What is taking up unnecessary space in someone else’s home could be the perfect addition to your new apartment.

Because furniture can be cumbersome and awkward to move, many sellers are willing to offer low prices in exchange for collection.

If you have a truck or know somebody who can help, you can get some great deals for the sake of convenience.

eBay and Craigslist are good places to start when looking for local listings. They can help find good furniture near you. You could also consider a social media group for second-hand furniture.

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3. Upcycle

Upcycled furniture is becoming a popular way to furnish apartments on a budget. Taking something old and unwanted and turning it into a practical and unique piece of furniture prevents waste and saves you money.

There are whole online communities dedicated to upcycling, so you can find all the inspiration you need to try it out for yourself.

Upcycled apartment furniture can make an interesting talking point and add character to a room.

4. Check out Furniture Outlets

Local furniture outlets and big box stores often have big discounts on unsold or slightly damaged stock. With most items only showing minor cosmetic damage, you can get a good deal on things that would otherwise be expensive.

Furniture stores also offer seasonal deals on a variety of ranges. It pays to look out for any upcoming sales events at local furniture retailers, as you can sometimes pick up high-quality items for a bargain.

If you want simple, affordable furniture, you should visit a big box store like IKEA or Target. They offer a wide range of functional, no-fuss apartment furniture to suit any budget.

5. Avoid Roadside Pickups

When you’re trying to furnish an apartment for less, it can be tempting to pick up free furniture from the side of the road. It’s not uncommon to see what look like high-quality items being left out for free pickup.

More often than not, however, there will be a reason the person is giving away the furniture. Unless it is properly sanitized, a free piece of furniture can bring pests and parasites into your home.

Bedbugs are hard to detect parasites that live in the piping and creases of upholstery and carpets.

They can easily be brought in on furniture that has been left outside or come from an infested home. Bedbugs are hard to get rid of and often require specialist bed bug treatment.

6. Get Inspired

It can be hard to know where to start when you decorate a new apartment. Fortunately, there is a whole host of inspiration available online.

Use social media to check out cool designs and figure out what you want for your own apartment. Seeing how different furniture fits into a room can be useful as a jumping-off point for your layout.

You can make sketches and floor plans to experiment with ideas and color schemes too. Being clear about what you want for your apartment will let you make good budgeting choices.

7. Maximize Space

When moving into a new apartment, space is usually at a premium. Whether you’ve upsized or downsized, making the best use of your space should be a key part of your budget.

Investing in good storage solutions will make it easy to fill your apartment with good furniture without making the space too cluttered.

Mirrors are an inexpensive way of making your apartment feel more open and spacious. Rugs are also an affordable way of making an apartment feel complete.

8. Take Your Time

If you’re looking for the best deals on apartment furniture, patience pays off.

Of course, you’re eager to get started right away, but you should avoid buying everything you need all at once.

Start with the essentials like your bed, couch, and kitchenware. Then keep an eye out for deals on apartment furniture.

Careful planning and consideration will allow you to get the furniture you need for the best possible price. There’s nothing worse than spending above the odds, then finding a similar item for a better price.

Furnishing an Apartment For Less

So, that’s the rundown on how to furnish your apartment for cheap. Without compromising on quality, you can find affordable and stylish furniture items in all kinds of different ways.

Furnishing an apartment doesn’t need to break the bank. With our helpful guide, you will be able to make your apartment shine for less.

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