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A Simple Guide on the Best Time to Build a House

When you build a new house, you’re creating a customized and inviting space for you and your family to call home. But when is the best time to build a house? With new-construction homes on the rise, it’s important to plan carefully, work with your builders, and figure out the best time to break ground.

image - A Simple Guide on the Best Time to Build a House
A Simple Guide on the Best Time to Build a House

Keep reading to learn more about when you should start building your new home!

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Mild, Comfortable Weather Is Ideal

This one is a no-brainer: spring and summer are some of the best times of year to be outside no matter where you live. This also means that the time frame needed to build a house tends to be shorter if you spring into action in spring.

The weather is milder and the daylight hours grow longer until mid-June. All of this adds up to more productive hours working on your dream home.

The end results? You could be moving into a brand-new space by the end of the summer.

Fall Is More Economical

Fall is considered the construction off-season, so you might be able to score better rates during this time of year. The downside? Winter is the next season.

You could end up seeing a longer construction time frame since winter can make for difficult conditions in many parts of the country. Snow, winds, and freezing windchills may force your construction crew indoors, but you could luck out with quieter weather patterns.

Don’t Rule Out Winter

Winter might not sound like the best time to build a house, but it can work in your favor. A milder winter can provide a great working environment since the cooler and overcast skies aren’t as physically draining as sun-drenched summer skies.

On the other hand, winter can pummel you with snow and ice. If that’s the case, the job will have to take longer. It’s a gamble, but advances in construction have allowed builders to stay active during the winter months.

One more benefit of choosing winter is that construction prices will be even lower than they were during the fall. Outdoor activities shrivel up in the winter, which means lower prices on materials.

Keep December in mind!

It’s Time to Build a House Whenever You Are Ready

Ultimately, you can start building a house whenever you have the money, motivation, and team to help you realize your home-building goals. Thanks to innovations in the industry, home building can happen year-round.

Before anyone pours a foundation or grabs a hammer, you’ll need to have a good plan and a lot. Custom homes built by Krueger can work with you to design and build your dream home whenever you’re ready to get started.

Start Building

It’s time to build a house when you’re ready to make it happen. With a little planning and research, you can get started at any time of year. And when you’re ready to add some design flair to your new place, check back with us for great tips and trends!

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