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5 Gutter Problems That Can Damage Your Home

Ongoing gutter maintenance and gutter repairs are important to protect the structure of your house. They are designed to manage the water flow and divert it away from the property.

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5 Gutter Problems That Can Damage Your Home

We all know how much damage water can do to your roof, walls, and foundations if it is not caught and dispersed.

Let’s look at what can go wrong with your gutters and the potential damage this can do to your home.


What happens:  The water should go into the gutter troughs. Instead, rainwater runs from the edge of the roof and then flows under the roof or behind the gutters.

What causes it: The likely cause is an improperly installed drip edge. It may have been installed without flashing. Either way, you’ll experience water intrusion.

The fix: One solution is to replace the gutter using slotted replacement which allows overflow through the channel’s front rather than allowing water to flow out the back of it.

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Clogged Gutters

What happens: Debris collects and blocks the gutters, so they have no way of draining water after heavy rain. The water will sit on top of your roof until it becomes too heavy and water starts dripping from your ceiling.

When leaks get worse, you will experience:

  • Mold breeding inside the roof, attic, and walls. Removing mold can be expensive, so it’s better to prevent it from taking hold in the first place. Mould can lead to allergies and other health concerns.
  • Sitting water wears away at wood and makes it soggy, leading to rot. Over time the structure of your home could deteriorate and become damaged.
  • The foundation can become damaged, which puts the whole house in danger. It will also affect the marketability and selling price of the property.
  • Your garden and lawn can become damaged, and plants can be washed away. Puddles that form on the lawn will kill off sections that need to be replanted.
  • You want your roof to last between 15 and 30 years. When your roof sustains damage when it rains, you diminish its lifespan.

Something as simple as cleaning out your rain gutters can help you get the absolute most of your roof and will make sure that you do not have to get costly repairs in the meantime.

The fix:  Gutter clogging can be prevented with regular gutter cleaning and maintenance. A gutter protection system can also reduce dirt and debris entering the gutters.

Gutter Leaks

What happens: When sealant wears off, gutters spring leaks. Damaged paint can also expose the metal substrate leading to corrosion and leaks.

The fix: A gutter and roof maintenance company should perform regular inspections, so your gutters are less likely to form leaks. Replacing them with seamless aluminum gutters is also a good solution.

Improperly Built Downspouts

What happens: Downspouts that are neglected, or are poorly installed, can lead to leaks that occur along the length of downspouts. If the runoff isn’t far away from the exterior wall, the leaked rainwater gets absorbed into the foundations.

The fix: Have downpipes inspected and repaired annually

Incorrect Gutter Slopes

What happens: Gutter troughs should be slightly angled down towards the downspout to prevent standing water that otherwise causes premature damage to the joints and seams.

To check the slope of your gutters, inspect the side of the gutter farthest from the downspout and pour water in. If water slows or pools, you have an alignment problem.

The fix: Sagging gutters or gutters that aren’t adequately sloped could be fixed by checking the brackets. Tighten them if necessary. If bent, apply pressure to bend them back.

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