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6 Reasons Why Sewer Pipe Relining is Better than Traditional Repair

Plumbing issues go beyond the burst pipes and leaky faucets. There are other issues like clogged drains and broken sewer lines which can lead to property damage and take out of your pocket thousands of dollars to mend.

Most home insurance policies cover sewer lines, so it’s necessary to mend the plumbing issues quickly to avoid property damage and repair costs.

image - 6 Reasons Why Sewer Pipe Relining is Better than Traditional Repair
6 Reasons Why Sewer Pipe Relining is Better than Traditional Repair

Options for Sewer Line Repair

It’s not shocking to mention that most property owners never think of their sewer lines until a problem erupts.

Sewer lines are meant to serve you for years but like any other plumbing system, they wear and tear after some time. At this moment you either repair or replace them.

When it comes to sewer line repair, you have two options- traditional repair and sewer relining.

When compared to sewer line relining, the traditional repair is often costly, labor-intensive and it takes a lot of time.

Digging a trench buried some meters below to replace the damaged pipe can really take time and your energy. After repair, remember you also need to take a couple of hours to rebury the pipe.

Depending on the amount of damage, traditional sewer line repair will cost you a lot and it can take several days to do the job.

Today’s sewer relining technology provides a less costly, faster, and eco-friendly way to mend or repair damaged sewer lines. This trenchless technology has been around for many years however many property owners are still not aware of it.

With sewer relining technology, expert sewer pipe relining Sydney does the job smoothly through a non-invasive process that does not require digging into the ground.

This technology has advanced up to the extent that many plumbing companies are offering it to both commercial and residential clients.

Benefits of sewer relining

1. It is less expensive when compared to traditional repair

There are those property owners who opt to replace their damaged sewer lines entirely. This approach will solve the problem however it can prove to be costly.

Replacing the pipes requires a homeowner to hire a plumbing company to excavate the damaged pipes and put the new ones.

All this work requires a lot of labor and heavy tools. Another thing, once the pipes have been replaced you also have the stress of getting your landscape into its previous state.

Trenchless pipe relining is far less costly. The pipe relining north shore contractor only recoats your damaged pipes using an epoxy liner, and the task is done. This means that you will save a lot on equipment and labor.

2. It Saves Time

Imagine digging a trench so that you reach the pipes, then replacing and finally reburying them again. This could take you several days to repair depending on the extent of the damage.

Getting your landscape into its original state would even take longer.

Committing yourself for all that time can be inconvenient. The most amazing thing about sewer pipe relining technology is that it spares you a significant amount of time.

Choose a seasoned plumbing contractor, and the entire pipe relining should take less than a day.

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3. It’s Less Intrusive

The most attractive bit of sewer relining is that there is no digging into the ground to expose the damaged pipes. With traditional sewer line repair, you will have to look for a backhoe to dig right into the deep trench in your backyard.

In case your sewer line goes past your property, you may be forced to involve third parties first, this will make the project take even more time. There is also the long, tedious and tiresome process of re-routing general traffic.

Sewer pipe relining does not require all the above processes. The plumber does the repair quickly and in no time he will be out of the area and you may think they were never an issue there.

4. It Increases the Life of Your Sewer Pipes

Sewer pipe relining is amazingly long-lasting, more especially the cast iron one. What you do during relining is reinforcing the already existing old pipe with a heavy-duty material.

After the relining, the resulting pipe will be double strong as the original pipe. It is like having a cast iron pipe within another.

The increase in diameter is even negligible. This means the resulting renewed pipe is corrosion-free and it will serve you even up to half a century.

5. It’s Environmentally Friendly

The digging involved when unearthing the pipes significantly affects the surrounding. Apart from this, traditional pipe repair includes processes that emit contaminants to the surrounding.

On the other hand, pipe relining using epoxy is environmentally friendly and does not involve the use of chemicals. There is hardly any waste when relining using epoxy and your ground remains intact.

6. It Is Safer

Channels in the ground are a wellbeing risk. Individuals can fall into them and get harmed. The heaped stores of soil make the region hard to navigate, particularly for kids and pets. Line relining disposes of this worry.

Final Thoughts

Trenchless innovation is a superior method of fixing or supplanting the sewer line of your property. It has a couple of advantages you won’t discover in the customary technique.

Trenchless technology is much quicker, less-expensive, more environment-friendly, and has improved functionality.

Trenchless innovation is a lot speedier, more affordable, greater eco-friendly, and has improved usefulness.

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