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What You Need to Know About Sewer Camera Inspection

Did you ever wonder what is going on down your drains? Did you know that it takes more than just a visible sign to determine severe damages down the sewer line? If you have sewer or pipe problems but don’t know where to start digging, it can be a frustrating situation.

You’d be lucky to find out yourself the specific location of the problem if you’re an expert, but, chances are, no one knows the real condition of your pipes that’s been lying underground for years unless you’ll have it dug up.

Fortunately, you never have to do that! That’s why a sewer camera inspection is highly recommended for residential, commercial, and even industrial pipe repair.

Why is this so? Before any repair can be set in motion, licensed contractors perform a sewer camera inspection to examine the drain pipe for any forms of defects, the actual location of the damages, and the necessary repair plan to undertake without digging it up.

Through this, homeowners can do away from unnecessary costly repair than can be fixed with just a mere cleaning to prevent pipes from further deterioration.

image - What You Need to Know About Sewer Camera Inspection
What You Need to Know About Sewer Camera Inspection

If you want to eliminate the guesswork so you’ll know the condition of your pipes, keep reading so you have an idea why we highly recommend this method not just when pipe repair is required, but especially if you want to upkeep your plumbing system.

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How does Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

Licensed plumbers use a high-grade video camera attached to a long flexible feed inserted into the sewer pipe with a diameter ranging from 2-36 inches.

The camera is accessed through an inlet, manhole, or vault and slid down to ensure a closer and high-quality view of the existing pipe’s interior. The flexible feed can be bent and able to maneuver around corners and curves of the sewer pipe.

The camera can be zoomed, tilted, panned, and even focused on specific parts of the sewer pipe that requires a comprehensive examination to determine its condition.

The digital sewer cameras are waterproof and durable and can be used even for the toughest jobs. The LED light on the end of the flexible feed enables plumbers to see every detail of the defects – helps them prepare the repair plan.

The procedure is monitored and recorded as the camera travels down the drain. The footage is saved for repair used and for future reference, in cases where monitoring is required.

Some plumbing companies provide a copy of the footage to their customers so they are aware of the condition of the underground pipe and the necessary steps to do to enable pipes to work over a long period with minimal to no problems at all.

The result of the inspection helps plumbers factor in the type of materials to be used, the cost of the repair, and the steps to be undertaken.

Why Do You Need Camera Inspection?

A camera inspection is a valuable strategy to help property owners identify existing problems down the line and at the same time do away from the unnecessary costly repair.

This method is helpful when you want to upkeep your existing plumbing system, or you just bought or moved to a new home.

Doing so prevents future problems that can be damaging to your property. But, it isn’t always a piece of bad news that can be detected. Some were even happy to find their long lost stuff down the drain after the camera inspection.

On the other hand, if you happen to occupy an old residential property or a building, chances are you have an old plumbing system that is now nearing its end of service life.

A sewer camera inspection is highly recommended for this scenario to examine if your sewer is still in good working condition or repair is necessary for it to continue working as intended.

What Types of Sewer Problems are Identified Through Sewer Camera Inspection?

  • Locate grease and buildups, or blockages
  • Identifies points of breakage, corrosion, or leaks
  • Examine tree roots that are infiltrating the pipes
  • Identify pipe failures such as wrinkles, disconnected joints, and point of misalignment
  • Locate blockages due to non-detectable foreign items
  • Verify if current pipe condition conforms with the state’s water system regulations
  • Detect potential weak points or future problems

Why Is This Beneficial?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With sewer camera inspection, plumbers are able to spot even the smallest sewer line defects before they develop into something much more costly and disruptive.

  1. Avoids costly repair that is manageable with pipe cleaning or hydro-jetting.
  2. Enables a quicker turn-around resolution time for plumbing emergencies.
  3. A better repair plan is available considering the location, cause, cost, and size of the repair are already identified.
  4. Prevents leakage before it becomes hazardous and difficult to fix.
  5. Prevent pipe from further deterioration.
  6. Can be used to find lost stuff.

Sewers are subject to numerous factors that are detrimental to their service life, but that doesn’t mean these problems can’t be avoided.

Sewer camera inspection preempts these problems and helps you prepare potential future expenses.

It is a wise investment for property owners as this allows licensed contractors to determine the best possible service to undertake to save the sewer from completely failing. Saves you money than when you wait for it to collapse.

If you’re better off not left in the dark not knowing what is going on down the line, you may want to invest in camera inspection.

When you consider this service, make sure to connect with a licensed Blocked Drain Sydney or Pipe Relining Sydney company that can give you the best solution available to save and repair your sewer pipes.

Author Bio:

Aiza Tordil is a part of the team at Revolution Pipe Relining a Pipe Relining Sydney company specializing in Sewer Pipe Relining, Stormwater Relining, Blocked Drains and Drain Camera Inspections.

We have a highly experienced team of expert pipe reliners with top-of-the-line equipment capable of any drain relining job, no matter how big or small.

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