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How to Unclog the Plumbing Blockages like a Pro?

Nothing can be more terrible than running into the problem of clogged drains. The first thing that comes to mind when you see any blockage is the plunger. But sometimes this may fail you.

So, what is the other option left with you? Did you try using drain snake? Nowadays, many reputed plumbers utilize this tool to remove any blockage from your plumbing system. These are available in different forms and sizes.

For clearing a sink, you may need a 25- to a 50-foot drain snake, while for toilets you can need a toilet auger. No matter which type of it you use, the plumbing snakes contain cables that help them to clean the clog.

How to Unclog the Plumbing Blockages like a Pro
Unclog the Plumbing Blockages

How to Unclog the Plumbing Blockages like a Pro

Here are a few scenarios where you can apply this plumbing equipment to get relief from the clogging problems.

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For cleaning blockages in the toilet or near its area, you need to have toilet auger. You have to insert it into its throat before hitting the toilet trap to avoid causing abrasion in the toilet bowl.

Since the cable in this tool is stiff, you don’t have to worry about it getting curled up on hitting the clogged part.


It is usually a 2-inch long drain that runs down the trap under the shower base in any standard-size shower. It can be comparatively more extensive than a tub drain, so using a 1/4 or 5/16-inch drain snake can be a good idea.

In most cases, a 1/4 inch plumbing snake is enough to do the job as its cable length can extend up to 25 feet. With this device, you can quickly get rid of a clog happening due to hair or soap buildup.

Bathroom Sink

Generally, the sink drains get blocked due to hair caught up in the pop-up stopper, which you can clean with needle-nose pliers. If this doesn’t work because the stoppage is somewhere deep down the drain, then you can take the help of 25-foot drain snake.


Look for a plumbing cleanout on the exterior or interior side of the sink base cabinet or in the basement, etc., to clean it with a 25 to 50-foot drain snake. If there is a blockage before the cleanout, then you would need to slip the snake into the drain pipe straightforward by removing the P-trap under the sink.

 Washing Machine

You can find a cleanout near the washing machine only in many cases. If that is the situation, you can put the snake into the drain pipe quickly. For clogging in the trap or standpipe, you need to have a small-size snake.

However, if the line has a blockage a bit deep down, then you would require a mini-rooter that has a 50 to 75-foot cable.

As evident from this, how a drain snake can prove to be a useful tool in most of the stoppage scenarios. Although using this plumbing device is not much of a headache, it is always better to hire a reliable, professional service to do the job for you.

The reason is quite simple. The specialists know their task well and can assess the situation quicker than anyone else to solve the problem in minutes.

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