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7 Best Basement Renovation Ideas

Basement renovations are some of the best ways to increase your home value. You also can expand your living space and increase the enjoyment of your property by getting a little creative. But redoing the basement can feel overwhelming.

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7 Best Basement Renovation Ideas

There are so many options, and it can be challenging to know which will provide the best return on your investment. Below, we explore seven of the best renovation ideas for your basement.

Start Your Project by Consulting with Professionals

To properly renovate your basement, you need to fully understand the scope of the work involved in your vision.

You likely also need design assistance, help with decision-making, and the practical knowledge of people in the construction field. Most basement renovations are not DIY projects.

Professionals guide you in making design choices according to the latest trends and enduring styles.

They can help you ensure your project enhances your home value, not taking away from it. They also make sure the job gets done safely and according to building codes.

7 Best Basement Renovation Ideas

 Seven of the best renovation ideas for basements include:

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  1. A Statement Ceiling

Basements tend not to have many windows, thus limiting natural light and visual appeal. You need to find other ways to make your underground space exciting. One such method is through the application of a statement ceiling.

You can use exciting colours, textures and materials to add flair to this otherwise unremarkable part of the space.

 Consider making your statement ceiling using the ideas below:

  • Shiplap wooden construction
  • Exposed wood or metal beams
  • Contrasting vivid colour or contrasting sheens
  • Wallpaper on the ceiling
  • Coffered ceiling
  1. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns can add intrigue, excitement and energy to your space. Consider using creative painting techniques or contrasting paint, colours and materials. You can also use tiles or wood to create shapes and patterns.

  1. Earthy Tones, Ombre Walls and Bold Wallpapers

Earth tones are used everywhere in design schemes today. They improve relaxation, create a back-to-nature vibe and make room for bold colour accents to really stand out.

Ombre walls are an updated version of the older feature wall. These designs require expert painting skills as the colours change from floor to ceiling. So, you can expect an ombre wall to cost more than a “pop of colour.” But the effect pays off by adding a certain fluidity to your basement space.

Other options include using wallpaper, a wall treatment that is experiencing a resurgence. Choose a bold or large print to add pizzazz. Or go for natural appeal of trees, branches, birds, feathers and other outdoor elements.

  1. Matte Black That Is Never Basic

Matte black is the new neutral colour many people are choosing for their basements. By using black on the walls, floors and even the ceiling, you create a palette on which other colours pop. This choice for neutrality is very chic, classy and mysterious, too.

  1. Minimalist Style

Minimalistic design is here to stay. These design schemes keep spaces open, free of clutter and airy. You can achieve the look through streamlined use of colours, lines and curves. Add contrast through wall art, light fixtures, vases and furniture.

  1. A Green Kitchen

If your basement has a kitchen or you seek to add one, consider going for one that encourages digestion, a sense of well-being and appetite. Choose earthy green colours to use through the kitchen area to uplift everyone using the space.

The colour helps you feel less subterranean and more like you are in an eco-friendly space.

While you are feeling earthy, install energy-friendly appliances, lighting, materials and fixtures. Use recycled items where you can and complement the colour with natural wood, stone and metal.

  1. Curved Edges

Basements do not have to be the squared-off spaces merely supporting your home. Add curvy lines to create a certain sense of adventure in your area. Curves are flowy and feminine, whereas straight lines are harder and more masculine.

The two combine well in a design scheme, just as they do in human interaction. Add some curves that make your basement more inviting and balanced, too.

Consider rounding corners of your walls or adding dividers, windows, archways, furniture and other features with curves.

Use Quality Materials for Real Return on Your Investment

Your basement should not look like an afterthought or rushed project when it comes time to sell your home. Having a finished basement should actually increase the value of your home.

To get the best return on your investment, use quality materials and skilled artisans to get the job done. When you do, your basement renovations that your family enjoys today will provide the financial rewards you seek at resale.