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How to Prep Your Home for a Major Basement Remodeling

An unfinished basement may already be useful as it is, but you can maximize its benefits even more if you’ll remodel or renovate it.

Basements are an excellent storage solution and can also add significant value to your property.

Also, this lower-level part of your home can be turned into an extra living space in case you need more room for your growing family.

However, before you dive into the major remodeling that you’re planning to do, there are several steps that you should consider in preparation for what’s about to come.

As this isn’t just a simple renovation that you can easily finish in a day or two, your house could use some wise planning and preparation to ensure that everything is in its right place as the remodeling goes on.

image - How to Prep Your Home for a Major Basement Remodeling
How to Prep Your Home for a Major Basement Remodeling

Major Preparations for a Major Renovation

A project as extensive as a basement remodeling would require elaborate preparations to make sure that your home will still be in its tiptop shape while the remodeling is going on.

Regardless if you decide to hire a contractor for the job or you want to do it on your own, prepping your home for the renovation should be the first thing you do.

To better prep your home for the basement remodeling that you’re about to do, you could take a look at the following tips below:

Schedule a Foundation Inspection

Before you start tearing down the structures of your basement, you first need to make sure there are no signs of potential damage in it.

Watch out for any sagging beams, cracks, waterproofing issues, and rust as these are some of the signs that there’s already structural damage happening in your home’s foundation.

Get all these issues fixed before you get started on the remodeling process. It may be an expensive undertaking, but it’s extremely essential that you’re able to restore the integrity of your home’s foundation.

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Keep the Basement Dry

Before you start working on the basement finishing, make sure the basement is completely dry.

If any part of it is moist or wet, it means there are potential drainage issues causing a leak or water drip.

There should be no pools of water penetrating the below-grade walls. If you notice any cracks on the foundation walls, address the issue by repairing them immediately.

Clean it First

Once you’re sure that the basement is dry and moisture-free, take some time to get rid of junk and clutter that have accumulated in the space.

Workers will find it hard to get on with the project if the area is crowded with mess and waste.

Hence, conduct a thorough cleaning of the place at least a day before the start of the remodeling.

Clean it First

Also, if you have stuff stored in the basement, tidy them up and look for a temporary storage area for them while the renovation is in the works.

Getting rid of waste and junk is a good idea instead of storing them again mindlessly.

Sort out the waste and see if there’s anything you can recycle, donate, or sell.

As soon as space has been cleared of clutter, you can have a better insight into how you want to decorate or style the basement once it’s fully remodeled.

Elements to Include

While at it, you may want to also think of how you plan on reinventing your new basement.

Think of the elements that you want to incorporate to make space look more finished, pleasant, and comfortable.

For one, you can consider improving the lighting aspect of your basement. Since it’s an underground space, it might be best to look into built-in lighting to make it more efficient and reliable.

Decide if you want to add or include windows in the new layout of your lower ground floor.

Installing egress windows is highly recommended especially if you plan on having a finished basement.

The windows aren’t just there to let natural light come in, but they’re also usually required by municipal building codes depending on where you live.

The next element to think of is the flooring. If you have concrete floors, you could install carpeting to make it comfortable and safer.

As a tip, try to avoid hardwood floors as they’re generally not the type of flooring that would suit a basement’s design and style.


There are several preparations that you need to do before you go for a major basement remodeling.

For instance, you have to check the foundation and the drainage of the property to make sure that the area will be completely damage-free and dry.

Then, take the time to clean the space just right before the renovation kicks in.

Once the project is done, you can move forward with the different elements that you could include to make space livable, cozy, and pleasant.

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