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Know the Fundamentals Before Embarking on Basement Remodeling Project

Basement remodeling is an overwhelming task pertaining to many smaller tasks involved. Owing to their underground construction, they need special care and the utmost planning.

Basement remodeling can act as a smart investment option for homes. Even if you spend a generous amount on the project, it will give you high returns on investment in a short period.

image - Know the Fundamentals Before Embarking on Basement Remodeling Project
Know the Fundamentals Before Embarking on Basement Remodeling Project

Cost-Effective Method

Experts consider basement remodeling as a cost-effective method to expand the square footage of your home. If you are thinking of reselling your house, basement remodeling is an excellent option to consider.

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Walls will need a lot of work as they are susceptible to mildew and mold. You have to use appropriate tiles that prevent moisture from entering your basement space.

Waterproofing is also a mandate before starting with the basement remodeling. Moreover, you can use a different color for each wall to dramatically enhance your remodeled basement’s quality and look.

Moisture Paving Way to Huge Maintenance Costs

Based on the severity of the situation, you can follow specific steps to keep moisture out of your basement area. If it is a minor problem, the sealer will do wonders. Epoxy can seal the interior foundation walls with the aid of a water blocking paint.

In addition to that, dehumidifiers’ usage can keep the moisture in the basement area from condensing. Moreover, the expert will recommend getting a drain system or installing a sump pump for a severe issue.

Such strategies handle large volumes of water and leave you with no worry about dampness in your basement.

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Exit Doors for Basement

For specific window or door measures and requirements in your locality, it is wise you take advice from a reputed basement remodeling expert, such as Basement Remodel Columbus Ohio. The area building inspector of your locality will also know the exact regulations, and you can take their aid for your project.

The Flooring of the Basement

Laying out floors is an essential part of basement remodeling. You can use different tiles for the basement floor to create something different, such as a recreational room. However, you can go with similar flooring with your overall house to maintain consistency and stick to an overall theme or color.


The kind of ceiling depends upon the construction model of your basement project. You can use drywall ceilings as they ideally suit the basement, making it look larger. Also, you can select dropped ceiling tiles.

To add height to the basement, several people dig deeper. However, if it does not fit your budget, you can easily create a higher ceiling’s illusion.

Leave the joists exposed and paint them instead of drywalling the top.  Also, you can add track lights to obtain the light you want.

Since it is a tedious task, it is wise to leave this job to an expert in your locality, rather than doing it on your own. Often, we do not understand the severity of a particular situation and might have to pay maintenance and depreciation charges to alter. Therefore, consulting an expert is a mandate.