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Single or Double Hung Windows?

Windows are an essential home feature. Therefore, choosing the right type and design is a crucial decision that could potentially impact the property’s exterior appeal, in addition to the comfort and safety of those who reside in and visit it.

image - Single or Double Hung Windows
Single or Double Hung Windows

When choosing windows, one notable decision prospective purchasers must make is whether to opt for the single or double-hung variations.

The following article explores the pros and cons of each design.

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Single Hung

The single hung variety is more common and featured in many homes. These components are referred to as single hung because said items only possess one sash.

The sash contains the structure’s panes and frame. Moreover, this feature is movable and enables one to open and close the window as desired.



Single-hung products are typically inexpensive. Moreover, installation is less complicated, which further limits their value. Industry professionals maintain insertion is more manageable because these items have fewer moving parts.

And, the process does not require window-installation professionals to engage in potentially time-consuming actions, like taking ultra-precise measurements and shaping intended spaces to ensure a perfect fit.


A wooden sash windows contains only one lock. Therefore, locking said fastener securely is likely to reduce a malfeasance individual’s chances of quietly unlocking the window to sneak inside a home and commit questionable acts.

Energy Efficiency

Fewer moving parts often equates to proper sealing. Sealing is important because said action provides better insulation.

Optimally-insulated components prevent air from penetrating the home’s interior. During the winter and summer seasons, bursts of cold and warm air, respectively, may precipitate dramatic interior temperature alterations.

Such events force a home’s heating or air conditioning to run with greater frequency. Over the long haul, this untoward occurrence could lead to excessive utility bills.



Single-hung options are only available in a handful of styles and designs.


Because the window can be open from only one direction, single hung designs offer a limited degree of ventilation.


Cleaning single hung windows typically occur on the exterior. In homes with multiple floors, remediation could be a more complicated process.

Double Hung

The double-hung variety contains two sashes, meaning said structures can open and close utilizing two operational panels.



The ability to tilt inward is part of the construction of these components. This attribute enables the cleaning to be performed from the inside outward. In such instances, cleaning is less time-consuming and far less challenging.


Double-hung components can open from multiple directions. Greater air concentration precipitates more optimal ventilation.


The double-hung option has a greater variety of design materials than single-hung structures. Furthermore, double-hung designs may also offer purchasers additional choices regarding frame and trim styles.


Reduced Security

Additional locks might render double hung features easier to penetrate.


The double-hung variety is more costly than their single hung cousins. Prices often vary based on numerous factors, such as the geographic location, window size, aesthetic features, and the reputation of the retailer.

However, in many instances, double-hung can cost anywhere from two to three times as much as single hung items. Furthermore, the installation will prove more challenging and time-consuming.

Reduced Energy Efficiency

Additional operational components could inhibit the window’s capacity to seal properly. A weakened sealing ability may allow excessive air concentrations to trickle indoors.

Should this occur continually, the homeowner could experience expensive monthly energy charges.

Making the Decision

Every home is different. Moreover, each homeowner has different needs, desires, and budgets. Therefore, said individuals are highly encouraged to first consult with an experienced, reputable, and professional window installation company.

Representatives of such establishments can visit the home in question and offer their suggestions based on the homeowner’s specific circumstances.

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