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5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Windows

You have new windows. Why not highlight them in new, fun ways? Who says window treatments need to be boring? You could buy curtains or blinds and call it a day but there is no reason to stop there.

Try one of these fun ways to decorate your windows.

image - 5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Windows
5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Windows

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Replace Blinds with Indoor Shutters

Indoor shutters are regularly seen in beach houses and homes on the open plains. They are functional pieces that protect your home from broken glass caused by strong winds.

Shutters also form an additional barrier against cold air during chilly days. These practical pieces are beautiful as well.

Traditional shutters create a rustic look that highlights the homeyness of your house. Plantation shutters are elegant and timeless. They can also be installed at the same time that you schedule any window and window replacement.

Paint Your Window Frames

Windows with blinds are effective at letting in light when it is needed. The decorative component is often forgone in exchange for practicality.

You can have both by painting the interior window frame in a color that either contrasts with or complements your walls.

Use a color wheel to decide which color to choose or simply pull a swatch from the existing decor in the room. Window frames can be painted in one room or throughout the house. You can change the color as often as you wish.

This do-it-yourself job is perfect for freshening up the look of a room with little effort and expense.

Grow Decorative Window Treatments

The perfect place to keep houseplants is next to windows. Why not make your houseplants truly stand out? You can buy hanging planters to suspend from the window frame or you can make your own.

Keep hanging plants light and small to avoid overwhelming the space.

Consider fresh herbs like mint, basil, or rosemary. No green thumb? No problem! Hang mason jars from a curtain rod and fill them with fresh flowers.

You can replace the flowers as needed. This gives you the added bonus of being able to add a pop of color whenever you like.

Make or Purchase Window Stencils

A window stencil is an excellent way to decorate a window and window replacement. These inexpensive options can be changed as often as you like.

Many homeowners use window stencils to mark holidays or changing seasons, though some are meant to be more permanent. You can find window stencils that give your window the appearance of stained glass.

This is a perfect window covering for an area of your home where you need a bit more privacy, like a washroom or the principal bedroom.

Stencils can also take on the form of lace or etched glass. You may even wish to have custom stencils made that feature your family’s favorite activities or names.

Highlight Children’s Artwork

Families can take advantage of creative children by putting them to work on making decorative window hangings.

A long string with circular pieces of felt in multiple colors is all that is needed to make a modern and unique window treatment that will make your child burst with pride.

Other designs, like hearts, pinwheels, or even hand-made emojis will make your neighbors smile as they walk past your child’s creation.

You can go one step further and have children use window paint to create designs directly on the glass. This washable paint shows the world that you are a fun-loving family with creative talent to spare.

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