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3 Awesome Types of Shingles

Shingles are among the most important, but sadly most forgotten, components of a home. Shingles protect the roof against harsh elements. They help to keep the house warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. They also beautify the home.

The most common types of shingles are composite, but there are three awesome types of shingles you should consider when building a new home or having a new roof installed.

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3 Awesome Types of Shingles

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Rubber Roofing is Long-lasting and Eco-friendly

Rubber roofing is awesome because it is primarily made of recycled materials. You can protect your home while protecting your environment when you choose rubber shingles.

This environmentally friendly roofing is also extremely durable. It is long-lasting, maintenance-free, and practically guarantees you won’t need expensive roofing repairs.

Rubber roofing is offered in a variety of profiles. You can have the look of wood or slate tile shingles with none of the upkeep.

Most rubber roofing products have limited lifetime warranties. It is rare for a rubber roof to need a replacement more often than every 50 years.

Cedar Shake Roofing is Beautiful But High Maintenance

Wood roofs are very popular because they add rich beauty to the home. Cedar shake roofing looks elegant on any style of the house.

They do require more maintenance than other types of roof materials, but most homeowners think the cost of regular roofing repairs is a fair exchange for the roof style they most desire.

Choosing cedar shake roofing does mean that you will need to have your roof inspected about once every four or five years.

Likewise, the roof should be inspected after heavy hail storms or if you believe you see some cracking, curling, or lose shingles. A cedar shake roof can last 20 to 30 years with the right amount of maintenance.

Composite Shingles are the Most Popular Choice

Homeowners prefer composite shingles above all others for one reason only. These shingles are far less expensive than any other type of roofing material.

Composite shingles are easily installed, come in a variety of styles and colors, do not distract from the appearance of the rest of the home, and can be replaced with a low cost.

The downside to composite shingles is that they do not last as long as other types of roofs. Composite shingles need to be replaced within 10 to 20 years.

However, the cost is low enough that you may not mind faster replacements.

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Some Shingles are Not Worth the Cost

Ceramic tile is very pretty and unique. Unfortunately, it is also extremely fragile. A ceramic tile roof is generally a bad idea in any location that experiences severe weather.

The ceramic tiles chip and are very expensive to replace. Likewise, you may have difficulty installing solar panels should you choose to go green with your energy usage.

Metal roofs are great choices for industrial buildings. They are less suitable for residential homes. Metal roofs are durable. They only need to be replaced every 40 to 60 years. However, they are also noisy, expensive, and unattractive.

Metal roofing in a residential home often ends up covered by composite shingles. It is best to skip the middle-man and avoid metal roofing altogether.

Whichever style you decide to pursue, make sure it is one that works within your taste and your budget. Talk with a roofing contractor who can tell you which roof style will look best with your home.

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