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7 Sneaky Ways to Declutter and Clean Your Apartment Right Away

We get it; cleaning isn’t a blast. But, after you’re done, doesn’t it feel fantastic having a clean apartment?

If only you could organize your apartment without spending all day…

But wait, there is a way to declutter in a hurry!

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when you can apply these tips.

image - 7 Sneaky Ways to Declutter and Clean Your Apartment Right Away
7 Sneaky Ways to Declutter and Clean Your Apartment Right Away

Using these sneaky techniques, you can make the most of your time. And what’s even better is you can clean in a fast and efficient manner.

Ready, set, go!

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1. Put Your Cleaning Tools in a Caddy

Isn’t it annoying to have to walk across your apartment to fetch a cleaning supply? It’d be so much easier to have everything where you are.

Luckily, there’s a perfect solution to keep track of your supplies:

Put all your main cleaning supplies in something portable.

A bucket, tote, or caddy will do.

Having everything in one bucket will make it easy for you to get to work ASAP. No longer will you have to run around your apartment to find the right cleaning tools.

Plan and make sure the correct supplies are in your bucket before you begin. You can quickly clean and get on with your day!

2. Simplify Your Nightstand

If you’re having trouble finding your cell phone on your nightstand, it’s probably because you have too much on there.

And if you’re searching for chapstick but encounter a tangled headset, you’re in trouble.

Keep only a few items on your nightstand to simplify things. Otherwise, you’ll get frustrated in the middle of the night when you can’t locate your phone or water bottle.

Everyone is different, so your essential items will be different than someone else’s. For example, you might want a jewelry dish, cell phone charger, and photo frame on there.

Whatever the case, keeping only the essentials on your nightstand will make it easy to find exactly what you need.

3. Use a Microfiber Cloth to Clean Glass

Windex works well for cleaning glass. But when cleaning with Windex, you use a lot of precious paper towels.

Not to mention, you have to run to the trash to throw them away. Little things like this take extra time in your cleaning schedule.

Cut down on time it takes to clean mirrors and glass by grabbing two microfiber cloths.

One should be damp and the other dry.

Use the damp cloth on the glass, then wipe it clean with the dry one. Tada! Now that was easy, wasn’t it?

4. Use a Catch-All Tray

Clutter has a funny way of accumulating in every corner. Sticky notes, spare change, hand sanitizer, and other items end up all over the apartment.

There has to be a solution to all this madness, right? Thank goodness there is!

To keep clutter at bay, use a catch-all tray.

If there’s a tray in the kitchen meant for odds and ends, it’ll keep things organized. You can also add a catch-all basket to your bedroom.

But, don’t get in the habit of having too many catch-all trays or baskets. Otherwise, you’ll just have a bunch of containers full of junk around your house!

5. Sweep or Vacuum Instead of Mopping

Now, we’re not suggesting you should never mop your floor.

But, regularly sweeping or vacuuming your floors can work wonders.

It’ll pick up the dirt and dust that sneaks into your apartment. And if you have a pet, it’ll suck up pet dander, too.

If the dirt continues to accumulate, it’ll take a lot longer to clean everything up. That’s why every little bit of cleaning helps, and sweeping or vacuuming can make a big difference.

Besides, if you have a good vacuum cleaner, vacuuming your floors should be easy peasy!

6. Continue to Move While Vacuuming

Since you’re in a hurry to declutter, you won’t have time to vacuum every nook and cranny. That’s okay because there’s still a way to clean the floor quickly.

Like usual, get out your vacuum. But this time, vacuum a little bit faster.

The goal is to move throughout your apartment without pausing.

To stay motivated, turn up some tunes. The better the music, the faster you’ll go.

(Just be careful not to trip on the cord!)

Clean up the apartment and make this your workout simultaneously. Of course, you should still try to go for a walk outside at some point, but vacuuming works in a pinch.

Swiftly vacuuming will pick up the majority of the dirt. Later, when you have some extra time, you can do a more thorough cleaning.

7. Create a Fitness Drawer

Do you need a spot where you can grab your fitness supplies and then hit the gym or go hiking? If you don’t, set one up.

Keep your gym outfits, hats, and other accessories in one spot. Having a centralized location simplifies everything.

If you frequently work out, this method can be a lifesaver. You won’t have to hunt through your closet or another dresser drawer for those yoga socks you like.

Yes, you can have a gym bag on standby. But having an assigned drawer makes it easy to keep things organized.

You’ll know exactly where to find something when you need it!

In Conclusion

Isn’t it nice to have a spotless apartment? Use these sneaky techniques, and you’ll have a squeaky clean place.

Plus, you won’t have to spend all day cleaning. With these tips, you’ll be able to cut your cleaning time in half.

Now, scrubbing, dusting, and organizing doesn’t have to take that much time at all!

So, the next time you want to clean up quickly, think of these tips. It’ll be easy to clean your apartment, lickety-split!

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