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How to Clean House Like a Professional

Tired of your house is a mess? Don’t you wish you could wave your magic wand have it clean? Or better yet, hire a professional to come in and clean it for you?

If you’ve misplaced your magic wand (perhaps in your dirty house?) and don’t have the cash to hire a professional, then you need to clean your house yourself.

Image - How to Clean House Like a Professional
How to Clean House Like a Professional

It’s time to be smart about that cleaning. You should approach it as a professional does. Not only will it go much faster than you expect, but you’ll also have a wonderfully clean house too.

Read on to learn how to clean the house like a professional.

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Treat Your Own Cleaning Like You are a Professional

You know that when you try a home cleaning, it can take way too long. Then how can a professional do it in significantly less time?

They treat it like a job. They have a routine and a set schedule.

While they are cleaning they don’t stop to scroll the channels or take a nap mid cleaning.

When you are ready to really clean your house, decide it will be the only thing you do, not running errands, or scrolling social media, or gossiping with the neighbor.

Establish realistically how long it should take to clean the whole house and set up a schedule for your cleaning.

Declutter vs. Clean

There are some who treat “picking up” like cleaning. There is a big difference between decluttering your house and giving it a good deep clean.

There is also the long-held irony of needing to clean up BEFORE the cleaning lady comes to clean.

But there is some merit in this irony. Your cleaning will take much longer if you have to take time to pick up before you can actually do the cleaning.

So, before you start your cleaning regiment established above, first take some time to pick things up and put them away. When you are not constantly struggling over the messes in each room, you can clean much more quickly.

Gather Your Cleaning Supplies and Materials

Like any good worker showing up for the job, you need your materials. Nothing will slow you down more than having to stop and get something else you need.

Instead, gather all your needed supplies. Many cleaners even gather the cleaning products into one caddy, so everything is at the ready. Consider what types of cleaning products you want to use.

Many professional cleaners are opting for non-toxic cleaning supplies. Check out safehomecleaningproducts.ca for more ideas.

Materials you will need include:

  • Sponge (with a scrubby side)
  • Cotton rags
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Paper towels
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Furniture polish
  • Rubber gloves
  • Floor cleaner and/or polish

You will also need a long-handled duster for those hard-to-reach places. A quality vacuum, a mop, and a broom are needed to care for your floors.

Ready to Clean

Cleaning your house like a professional means being systematic. Cleaners will clean the space in a certain, the same each time. The more routine it becomes, the faster you can get at it.

Consider this approach to tackling your cleaning.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Both of these spaces use similar cleaning products and will need regular deep cleaning.

Remove any items from the counters and the shower. Use your cleaning products and spray these surfaces down to get the cleaning process started. Do the same for your toilets.

Then you can loop back around and start to scrub down the shower. Wipe down the counters and scrub the toilet bowls.

Don’t forget to clean the outside of the toilets. The bathroom and kitchen counters need to be washed down too.


This is often a time-consuming task that many choose to skip or overlook during their cleaning sessions. A professional will never skip the dusting step and you shouldn’t either.

Approach this systematically. Start at the top. Remove items and work your way from top to bottom, dusting as you go.

You know to dust furniture and knick-knacks. But don’t forget to also dust lamps and lampshades. Pictures frames on the walls need to be dusted too.

Use your long-handled duster to dust walls. Don’t forget baseboards either.

Vacuuming and Cleaning Other Floors

Now that the bathrooms and dusting are done, you can tackle floor surfaces. Run the vacuum over carpets and rugs. Be sure to be systematic, going back and forth over small areas.

For hard surface floors, before mopping you should either sweep them or run the vacuum over them. This picks up dirt, hair, and other particles on the floor.

A professional cleaner will use a hand cloth to wipe those hard-to-read corners and nooks under cabinets before they mop.

Then mop in small sections, working your way out of the room.

Other Places to not Miss While Cleaning

Once you establish a regular cleaning routine, you can also address some of the oddball places in your home that need to be addressed. Many professionals will work these cleaning chores in on a rotation.

  • Inside of the dishwasher
  • Inside the oven
  • Inside of the refrigerator
  • Baseboards
  • Light fixtures
  • Shower liners

It is also a good idea to vacuum your furniture surfaces as part of the rotation.

Just Like That, You Know How to Clean House Like a Professional

Sure, cleaning your house might not be on the top of your fun list. But having a clean house is a great feeling.

Once you establish a cleaning routine and stick to it, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to keep your house clean. And clean as a pro cleaned it.

Use these tips for how to clean a house like a professional. Your sparkly clean house will be a wonderful reward.

For more home improvement ideas, be sure to visit our blog often.

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