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The Major Forest Products and Their Benefit

Do you know that forest product is any material gotten from forestries such as lumber, paper, or forage for livestock, purposely for direct or commercial use?

Wood, by far the most populous product of the forests is used for various purposes like wood fuel i.e. firewood or charcoal; the finished structural materials that are used in the construction of buildings; and also as a raw material in the form of wood pulp, that is used in the production of paper.

image - The Major Forest Products and Their Benefit
The Major Forest Products and Their Benefit

To get a forest product today is not that difficult because there are many companies that deal with forest products, but in choosing your product you need to be careful.

There are many factors you need to consider in time of the quality of the product, cost-saving, timeliness of delivery, the reputation of the manufacturing company, and so on.

Nevertheless, I can recommend a torch-notch forest product manufacturing company to you. It is called Unaka Forest Products pallet company.

It is a family-owned and operated forest product company. They are working hard to satisfy their customers as a pallet manufacturer with quality service at a competitive price.

They have experience of 40 years and beyond and this makes them more than capable of handling your pallet requirements.

This company has grown tremendously and has added two more locations which are in Hampton, TN, and Duffield, VA. Also, all their manufacturing equipment has been computerized.

This enables them to produce an excellent amount of different sizes of lumber, which eventually passes the cost savings onto the customer by not charging them for more pallets than what they require. Their Product includes the following:


The 32 acres that this company is located on gives room for plenty of inventory for pallets either in a dry shed, on a concrete surface, or on our lot.

Being able to inventory your pallets cuts down significantly on lead times. Therefore, this makes them deliver them to you within 24 hours in most cases.

They heat-treat their pallets to kill fungus, mold, and insects that may reside on the pallet.

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Precut Lumber

These systems enable this company to accurately and efficiently produce precut lumber both for their own pallet production as well as for sales to outside customers.

The computer set works on these machines allow the most proficient in yielding as much grade lumber from the logs as possible.

This setup from buying the whole tree to sawing their own lumber allows us to have an edge on their competitors because they do not have to purchase their precise lumber from outside sources, they are producing it in-house.


This company goes Green! The question that may come to your mind is that can a lumber company also go green?! The answer is yes, trees are America’s most renewable resource.

As a pallet manufacturer, they produce and sell thousands of tons annually of biomass which likewise is sold for biofuel.

This has enabled them to serve the growing number of biofuel suppliers that are assisting the country to become greener.

However, in order to keep this product clean and free from any ground debris such as dirt, gravel, etc., as it is produced it falls directly into the vans. This makes it a better, cleaner, higher-quality product.

Landscaping Mulch

Mulch is regarded as environmentally friendly and healthy for plants and soil because It gives the ultimate in natural and long-lasting beautiful color in the landscape.

This company mulch is the double ground because the more uniform and finer the texture as cognizance is taken when producing.

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